Horde host dynamiting a bad team after failure

You’re in a match with Survivor on (so, every Masters run), the run fails in “early” rounds, and you’re dropped back to the main menu. Are you mad that the host didn’t keep the lobby and go for another attempt? Would you have left anyway? Or are you ambivalent and don’t care either way?

Does it make a difference if there were “good” (skilled, easy-to-play-with, whatever your metric) players? And/or if the reason for the last wipe was unavoidable game B.S.? Or are you gone regardless since “the definition of insanity is repeatedly trying the same thing and expecting different results”?

Personally, assuming I have time for another run I almost never dissolve a hosted lobby after failure, since it’s arguably a form of “kicking”. But I have done it a non-zero number of times if we’ve failed more than once before getting to & past a second boss for a given Horde mode. I always feel sorry for the innocent-bystander good players who did & would’ve restarted but got caught up in my attempt to shake a negative player or class mix loose via lobby recreation.

When it happens to me on the other side of this experience, sometimes I’m left wondering. So I was just curious how others might feel about Horde (or Escape) hosts bailing.

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Really comes down to how the fail happend, i have kicked certain Players in the past after failure (e.g if they were idling or simply not reviving ect.)

Usually i do restart if i have enough time for another try.