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Horde Horror Stories

So, I thought it might be fun to create a thread for Horde players, where you can discuss some of the worst situations, teams, or players you’ve had to deal with. I’ll start:

Played a game on “Insane” a few days ago. Custom lobby - just a chill game, with health and damage mods turned off. I was JD, and the title of my lobby requested a competent engineer - that’s it. Just competent.

What did I end up with?

  • A Re-Up XI Lizzie who was DBNO every single wave, including twice on WAVE ONE (not sure what the char level was, as she joined while I was loading in alone)

  • A COG Gear who seemed to exclusively want to use Longshots, and constantly put them on lockers.

  • The (second) worst engineer I’ve ever played with.

It was a Baird, who joined on Wave 2. He started with a few barriers - which, sure, fair enough. Then he built my JD a lvl 2 locker. Then he built a second lvl 2 locker - a little confused with the prioritization, but sure, why not. We’ll need more than one. This is where things got bizzarre:

He then built a sentry. Then another sentry. Then another sentry. Then upgraded them all to lvl 2. Then upgraded all of our barriers to lvl 2.

Then I politely requested a lvl 4 locker for my JD. He upgraded mine to lvl 3 shortly after. At this point we have one lvl 3 locker, and one lvl 2 locker, for the entire team. Another JD has since joined the game, and he, I, and the COG Gear are all sharing one lvl 3 locker. Other JD is helping himself to my Lancer GLs, and we both literally can’t switch out our Lancers, because we have one locker slot each. Other JD also doesn’t have bleed, and belongs to a player with no Re-Ups yet (meaning he’s pretty new). The one other lvl 2 locker is being used by Baird and a Kait (she replaced Lizzie, who eventually left).

Baird then… builds a lvl 1 Forge, at about Wave 17. We don’t have a Jack. With all of the barriers and sentries he’s built, this was almost certainly not cheap to build (we had the power drain mod on too). At this point I’m livid. I request another lvl 4 locker in chat at this point, and Baird responds by pinging the fabricator (implying we need to deposit energy if we want him to build things). We’ve all been pretty dependably depositing so far, and the dude has been wasting it on nonsense we don’t need.

That’s the last straw for me. I get my headset out and plug it in, then tell him how ridiculous it is to build a Forge when we don’t have a Jack, while THREE OF US are sharing one slot each on a locker, and reminding him that I’ve asked for a lvl 4 locker twice at that point. Baird responds by immediately quitting without a word. I end the game shortly thereafter. This was the worst engineer I’d ever played with (keeping in mind I’m usually the engi, so not a ton of experience with other ones), until later the same night…


I was playing as JD on Inconceivable with a group the other night, and we had one level 4 locker for me, and level 2 locker for everyone else. I didnt want to rock the boat so just went with two Lancer GL’s and made it work so others could share locker space. By the time we started getting heavy weapons someone started loading up the lockers with Salvos and Tri-Shots and started throwing out my GL’s.

I asked them to stop and they eventually did. Not totally sure who it was. But only after I wrote a lengthy global message saying I only had two GL’s and can work with this, but I absolutely needed two locker slots as a minimum. Ridiculous.


My next story is much shorter, and picks up the same night as the first one.

I join a custom lobby with a title saying “I’m engineer, deposit every wave and I build” or something to that effect. These titles always make me laugh. It’s on Elite difficulty.

So I join, again, as JD. The engineer is a Baird. When I join, the team is on Wave 12.

Baird has placed one lvl 1 barrier - at the bottom of the catwalk stars on our side (map is Asylum) - and placed a lvl 2 sentry. After a join, the person playing Jack buys another barrier, and places it on the opposite side of our base, but in a position where it’s essentially blocking off nothing. This is all that is placed. As there was a Jack, I figured there must be a Forge somewhere (how else to explain the lack of any fortifications?), but I certainly couldn’t find it. Nor did I see Jack smelting anything.

Over the next few waves, we amass energy in the fabricator, and all Baird does is upgrade his sentry to lvl 4. He keeps moving it around, placing it in different spots. If an enemy comes down the stairs, he’ll manually turn it and re-position it to face the stairs, then turn it back afterward. He’s lovingly micromanaging this one sentry, and doing NOTHING else. The two barriers that are placed, are heavily damaged - he doesn’t care. The energy is starting to amass in the fabricator, and he doesn’t even seem to notice. People are dropping and being replaced, clearing seeing this as well.

I just type “Worst engineer ever.”, and leave the game.

This guy was Re-Up XIV.

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Was a little while ago now but I still find it hilarious, I have to :roll_eyes:

Playing as JD on a 41-50 master xp grind on asylum, I join in after the usual base has been built under the cover of the central location, theres 2 lvl 4lockers completely empty so I proceed to suicide them up to full over a few waves, near the end of each wave whilst we danced around the last few

Then wave 45 hits and we get a new addition the team, seeing stacks of gl’s, they decide it’s ok to help themselves, I’m not bothered, everyone else is just hiding, letting the turrets and my bleed do the work, fair enough.

But then I notice he’s not putting them back, just grabbing another as ammo, deleting a dup weapon, also taking only 2-3 grenades as he’s not playing a JD so he’s back for another pretty quickly

By the end of the wave I’m left holding a single Gl, he has another, I deposit mine to go and suicide to restock my guns… he takes it…

He’s now the only one with a Gl

I quit


I’ve definitely has this before, where people think the lockers just exist to be piled up with salvos and tri-barrels.

I played one Inconceivable match about a week ago, where our Jack kept filling the empty slot on my JD’s lvl 4 locker with salvos and junk, and I would keep pulling it off and tossing it on the ground in front of the Forge.

I eventually moved my locker away from the others, so that the Jack just wouldn’t see the empty slot. But even then, there were a few more occasions where, like clockwork, I’d find yet another Salvo in that empty slot.

I didn’t bother going to the trouble of saying anything, as we were otherwise doing really well.

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Oh yes, so much this, on a higher difficulty watching ppl throw out Gl’s

Clearly still playing gears 4 horde in their mind an have yet to cotton on to the current super OP JD meta we have in 5

At least that excuse works in my mind until I see they they’re re-up 10, then I jus don’t know man :expressionless:

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It’s actually remarkable to me, how bad some people are at the game, who will nonetheless think they are ready to jump in at high difficulties. I wouldn’t even TOUCH anything higher than Advanced for a while, because I was still getting comfortable with where to build fortifications and stuff on the new maps, and I didn’t want to be a hindrance to a good team at higher levels.

My favourite JDs, are the ones who never seem to use their GL, but will instead fill the lockers up with stuff like Dropshots for some reason. I mean, I get that at first if you don’t have a Boomshot yet, but even then your primary fire should basically be nothing but the GL.

I had a JD one night who kept BUYING Lancer GLs from the fabricator, until I eventually told them they could just respawn with one. Then they started running headling into enemies every wave, trying to get downed. When I said they could just buy frags to do it between waves, they said they couldn’t buy them, haha. I explained there’s two “tabs” on the fabricator menu - one with arms, and one with fortifications.

This JD was level 15. Yet had apparently never learned the absolute basics of how to play the character. It was amazing.

And even then, after I explained all of this, I’d still routinely see him using Dropshots and regular Lancer fire 85% of the time. And I’m pretty sure he must have been consuming his Lancer GLs for ammo, as he kept respawning himself for the entire 50 waves, which shouldn’t be necessary.

There’s nothing wrong with being a noob, but what on Earth are you doing jumping in an Elite game?


I just realised a couple of days ago, it makes sense to buy frags using JD (with the Launcer Capacity card), give 2 frags to another player, and use any remaining ones to kill yourself. When you repsawn that team mate just drops their ones for you and you will have a full set. Then you just gift them another 2 frags etc and keep duplicating them. That way you literally just buy one set of frags and can save that little bit of money. I know frags don’t cost much, but in the early waves every little bit counts!

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This indeed makes more sense, but unless I’m on a seriously coordinated team with headsets on Inceivable or Master, I won’t bother with stuff like this.

With most teams it’s just easier to spend the 500 energy, and not bother trying to explain what you want them to do, haha.

I’ve seen some good ones from players who were reasonably leveled up, spanning from turret killer Jd to i’m only going to zap Jack . The best one that wasn’t an obvious troll was sniper kait the other day . Playing reclaimed as Baird on insane the other day 20 something waves in, sniper kait comes along. Initially trading my embar and marzka of the locker from the word go, " i turn a blind eye this once" after the round she dupes the weapons on the locker leaving me with no weapons. A breif and direct message explaining that i needed the precision weapons headshots to fix the barriers and to carry my bleed damage, “ok ,sorry they said” i buy another embar out of the fabricator and a respawn to resupply as not to waste time during the round and place “you got it” an overkill on the locker …go figure . Next round deposits to the fabricator and proceeds to dupe my embar again. I pull the plug in a bit of a rage and return to the lobby…kait was level 17…

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I’m telling myself ‘some’ of this crazy behaviour is ppl working on challenges, the rest, I think it’s drugs :rofl::rofl:


You cant just give 2 frags to someone, can you?

I always thought you just dropped whatever you had in hand unless theres another way


I’ve definitely had a few action hero Jacks, who think their primary job is DPS, and then would just get DBNO’d constantly. Also had plenty of Jacks that I’ve built a Forge for, only to have them mostly ignore it.

It’s weird though, because right now, I think the character I’ve most reliably seen the worst players with over the past couple of weeks, is Lizzie. I don’t really understand why. They seem to run around like they are Kait, and get downed constantly.

Next to that, there’s a ton of bad JDs floating out there. Maybe it’s just because bad JDs are so easy to spot (because you don’t hear the GL going off every five seconds, haha), whereas other bad players tend to recede into the background more.

I’d almost find it liberating to play someone like Marcus on a team, because basically nothing is expected of you right now

When JD buys Frags, he’d get up to 7 and shares with team mates. 2 Frags for each team mate, unless they holding another Grenade like Flashbang, Shock or Smoke.

When JD respawns, if someone shares Frag, JD only gets 2 Frags. However, if someone drops that 2 Frags on floor for JD to pick up. Then JD gets 7 Frags.

This is an uncommon strategy but I prefer to do the “Ult suicide”. JD drops his GL on floor for another team mate or get smelted by Jack in Forge. Then JD marks an enemy, goes up to them point blank, then trigger Ultimate ability. What would happen is he’d kill himself for free. No cost. No need to buy Frags. I always try to die for free and find spending 500 Power a waste in early waves. When JD respawns, he still has Ultimate ready and didn’t get used up. Although I would recommend not doing this on the very last enemy, because JD would get downed then get back up instantly, saying “Wave completed”.

You are very lucky - at me they leave me the game right away

That’s not a bad idea. Maybe I’ll do this from now on. Then again, I don’t find the 500 energy for frags is really THAT big of a deal so long as people are depositing, and you should ideally only need to do it a couple of times to get a full locker (my JD locker is typically two Lancer GLs, one Boomshot, and one empty slot for quick switching - plus a GL and a Boomshot in hand).


Yea but how do you share 2 with each person?

I pretty exclusively play custom lobbies these days, so if people leave, at least someone should take their place.

I mentioned this in another thread, but I find if you just set up a lobby and immediately launch into the game by yourself, it will fill up fast, because people know they are jumping right into the game. If you just sit in the lobby, it can take forever.

The downside is obviously that you can’t screen out who joins, so I usually won’t do this for, say, Master runs.

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On controller, that would be aiming (swinging) Frag at them then clicking the share prompt for 2 Frags. Then doing the same to another player. Just have to make sure they are not equipping another Grenade type.