Horde has a lot of issues and the smelting forge is one of them

It costs 10,000 power to build one. With Jack, I currently have 150% more smelting power, that’s 50 power per gun, per player at a level 1 smelter. So that’s 250 total power generated for 5 players.

It would take 40 weapons to smelt, just to make 10,000 power total for the entire party, and it would take 200 smelted weapons just to make back the 10,000 I personally invested.

I can’t even upgrade the smelter as Jack and I rarely see anyone do that, but I imagine that takes even more thousands of power to do so. So the cost keeps going up.

I’m just not seeing it. I don’t see the use of this numbers wise, not even in the long run. It’s too expensive and it costs 2,000 to repair. In the vast majority of games I’ve played, it’s been more beneficial to not build one at all than to have one.

Was this even tested? what am I missing?

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this is one of those in the long run kinda things. Between Jack and at least 1 player (with a weapons locker) makes it worth it. Towards the end of the wave I would put my 2 weapons in the locker then go pick up 2 and a heavy before the wave ended then the same while the next wave was starting

I agree. I think it’s a waste of Power. Don’t build one.

Del has discount, so if he leves that up you can get it much cheaper.

Del can also upgrade the Forge, so you really need both Del and Jack to make it worthwhile.


By yourself is not a good deal but as a team it actually is.

Only problem is the chances of people playing as team with randoms is slim to none.

This new horde has the potential to be great but sadly its creators failed to test it with random people, it just doesn’t work.


Level 4 smelter with 200 smelting bonus with jack will give you 720 for salvos and gnasher. Torque bow, boom shot and markza are the next highest grossing weapons giving I think 540?
. Everything else is basically 320

I made a thread about this too. The forge is suppose to be a long term investment. Mainly you need Dels discount and Jacks increase smelting power. More importantly it needs to be a team effort. 1 person smelting isn’t going to pay it off anytime soon. I had a group of randoms that stuck around till wave 50 and we had people running around with 1 gun so in between waves they could pick up other guns to break down. I don’t know what it cost but when the engineer upgraded the forge to lvl 4 we were getting somewhere between 200-480 a weapon. I was jack but I only had smelting increase up to 100%.
Short Version
Have an engineer to buy it cheaper+upgrade it.
Your team has to help break things down not just Jack for it to pay for itself.

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It doesn’t make any sense at all that jack is the only one that can build it, but he can’t upgrade it. The only way you can make an argument that the forge MIGHT be worth it is if it gets upgraded. So if you’re playing with randoms (like I did last night), you have to hope an engineer upgrades it. I know horde is a team game, but that is one thing you should not have to rely on others for. Cause if no one upgrades it, I just wasted 10k. Personally I also think since Jack can make the lockers, he should be able to upgrade them too. But that’s definitely not as extreme as the forge situation.

To summarize: the return of investment needs to be higher, and jack needs to be able to upgrade things he makes.

Okay yeah, this was designed in mind to be way too specific, that’s the issue. It’s a shame I can’t upgrade either of the two things I can build as Jack and I don’t get a discount for either of them. This horde was designed to require team composition and that’s just silly to ask of players. Oh well.

I agree it does suck that Jack can build a forge but he can’t upgrade it. However if we let him upgrade it then what’s to stop the offense chars who can build sentry turrets from upgrading those? What would be the point of the engineer class if they could?

As for the forge I found out something. Instead of carrying weapons to the forge drop it off in the enemies spawn or where they tend to get killed. Before the wave starts put it somewhere that’s red so it isn’t actually planted. The enemy will be unable to damage it. Once the wave ends pick it up and plant it somewhere blue. Smelt the guns then when the wave begins put it back in a red spot. Cuts back on downtime and speeds up the process.

Getting the power back invested in the forge does require some hefty investment. Forge also resulted in one of the most ridiculous trolls I’ve ever found. Kept moving fortifications in front of me wanting me to upgrade the forge when there was no power I told him such, he sent me an obscenity filled message saying to upgrade it, ofcourse he was doing this after the thing was maxed but was too busy being an obnoxious troll to read the gigantic 4 on the forge and when somebody else finally told him it was maxed and he finally stopped he didn’t even use it. The forge itself is fine actually fine it is entirely doable to get a significant amount of power out of it, but it creates an expectation where around it and usually Jack builds it himself making it cost more instead of asking for it then you take it on faith that he’s actually going to use it and has the skill to make it worthwhile and not a waste of energy, just another thing that can go wrong in the overall horde experience, but in and of itself it’s not actually an issue.

Del can buy a forge too, but I do agree that Jack should be able to upgrade it along with the lockers.

Yeah you’re right, good call.

And to someone else’s point, yeah you’re probably right to leave that to the engineers. The forge may be jacks greatest weapon though (along with his healing) and it sucks that for it to really be utilized, it has to be upgraded by someone else.

My main issue with it is it’s boring as hell. Here worker-player, go play 52-card pickup while your teammates get to play a real game. Tedious busywork does not a good game make.

What up Trav?

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TC should adjust the forge:

  1. Add power to the fabricator as well as players.
  2. Give all players ammo for thier other weapons for each smelt as well as power.

After messing around with the forge even more, now that I have 200% smelting bonus, Im loving this thing. We don’t go after taps anymore unless they are in a good spot. Dropshots or boomshots give 720 to each squad member at lvl 4 forge. 720X5=3600 per gun. If I can bring the forge to where the enemy tends to get killed I can smelt more power than we got killing the enemy that wave.

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A good thing that the team I was playing with did was at the end of the round we’d put our weapons on the locker and pick up as much as we could then drop everything in front of the forge. Holding the direction on the d-pad makes you drop the weapon. So our Jack was smelting a lot more then he normally would

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Did not know you could drop a weapon. I always thought you had to put it in the locker or pick up something else.

its a new thing. if you hold the direction of the weapon you want to drop you will. its great for this