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Horde Guide Requests?

Ah good points.

Since I’m not a developer, I can only help to the extent that I can. Would love to fix many things that are broken, but I have to stay positive and pretend that the car is awesome.

With this in mind, maybe play Horde with me somtime and see If I can change your mind. At least about the ammo and such. :slight_smile:

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Ill play with you horde of course. = ) let me know your nickname so I can add you . count of it man = )


Same as it is here. Also, I host pretty much every game I play. So keep a look out in the Customs for Hu1K Daddy’s Game. Its always the same title.

Oh, and I host as I don’t like other hosts kicking low level players. We all have to learn somewhere right? haha.


Of course man, Looking forward to it and again thanks for the effort = )

Sounds good.

Im pretty much like clock work due to my schedule. So im on almost every night starting around 7:30 pm EST-10pm EST. Just enough time for one full run. :smile:

Hope to see ya around and thank you.

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I play jack or del. Got a couple of good tips on del from you (matriarch strategy :kissing_smiling_eyes:), so it makes me wonder if I am missing something in my jack play. Seems like they are both critical to success.

Was going to ask for Fahz. Can’t thank you enough for doing these.

Sure thing Essence,

I love helping others so it makes me happy that people seem to enjoy these. But Fahz has definitely been the most difficult so far. Mainly due to tricks, and number crunching.

Most likely this will be out tomorrow, unless I am unable to finish my tests tonight :slight_smile:

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