Horde Guide Requests?

Hello all,

Just checking to see if anyone had a request for a certain character guide for Horde.

So far there is a guide for JD, Del and Kait. Who would you like next? or would you even like another one?

Put your requests below.

Good luck Gears!


I would say either Marcus or Jack could use some spotlight on guidance. Much obliged, Daddy. :raised_hands:

Gotcha, Ill look into Marcus first, as Jack seems a little easier. If that’s alright. If you would like Jack first I could also go that route. It’s really what ever everyone wants. So let me know :grin:

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definitely JACK

Sounds good. Ill start working on Jack tonight.

Jack is simple. He’s a support hound. A weapon fetcher. A reviver. Also a marker/stunner. he’s great to have at the base. Keeping teamates on there feet, slowing down enemies by shocking them, also, removing bastions. He also can be the substitution to power taps. an upgraded forge and he will make tons of money.

  • Works well with JD’s spotter card. Zap multiple enemies and when JD drops his ultimate you can wipe out half the field when cards are leveled up. it’s devastating.
  • Get with Del on getting that Forge up quickly and get to smelting as much as possible at the end of rounds and beginning of the wave. generally 5 enemies left, i start smelting. also, help with rebuilding. you have a built in repair tool. put a few points into repair cost and work to keep the base in top shape. there is a card that helps this as well !
  • you can help marcus by keeping a shield on him and letting his extended rifle mag and his ultimate just murder waves of enemies.
  • support kait outside of the base walls.
  • the ultimate, i save for 2 situations: when multiple scions move close to base and bastions. take over a bastion and detonate him.
  • if you dont have your ultimate, your zapper becomes very useful at stunning enemies getting close to base.

Jack shouldnt be wandering the field by himself during the rounds. he should be with teammates providing support. obviously, you wont always have good teammates, teams spread out, so keep an eye on when guys go down. youll find yourself saving kait a lot, since a lot of players want to run and gun with her shotgun and she doesnt have the health as the scouts did in gears 4. this will also expose you and lead for you to be getting downed a lot.

you’re the ultimate teammate playing as jack. remember to play that way and your team will be successful.


Thanks OJ. Pretty insightful stuff. How come you don’t make guides also? You always add good info, so was just curious.

And steer clear of ICE Scions … they seem to be Jacks Nemesis


i dont mind just adding onto the work you and others do. i would do youtube vids but i dont know too much of that there techmological stuff. LOL

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i find the ice scions and flying by a reject i dont notice that stun locks you and makes you target #1 to everyone else are definitely the biggest nemesis. you just cant get away quick enough from ice scions until you put points into movement.

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True that AlleyKatz,

Like mad crazy kryptonite or something.

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I already understand Jack. Perhaps a Fahz or Marcus guide. I probably use them the least next to Sarah. Emile would be cool but probably doesn’t require as much considering he’s a promotional character. You could take your Del guide, cut it in half, add tips for the hologram and that basically covers Kat :frowning:

I wouldn’t mind a Fahz guide. I loved Sniping in Gears 4 Horde but I’ve heard Fahz isn’t as viable as high level JD/Kait because of their bleeds.

Would love to be proven wrong though.

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I have a lvl. 10 fahz. honestly, i dont see his purpose really. his ultimate allows him to shoot enemies anywhere, which can help get rid of scions with headshots but shooting the silhouettes isnt like lining up a headshot. so in this case, use a tri-shot and just fire on everything in xray. it also doesnt allow others to take advantage of it, unlike marcus ultimate that allows anyone to get into his AOE and lay down headshots.

keep a tri-shot handy. youll get bonuses for it as a precision weapon.

critical damage and ultimate cooldown are going to be what you want. if you have a locker, you really dont need ammo capacity and weapon damage isnt that important. you just dont get enough.

fahz also an ammo hog. if you have a fahz on the team, he will need a lvl. 3-4 locker for himself to keep him firing at all times.

other than that, his yellow card sucks but youll get X-ray cards that will help bring the pain and youll want those equipped while getting his damage reduce cooldown perk. he takes a little more skill than a marcus but i just havent seen too many good fahz players yet.


Ohhh I didn’t know that about the tri-shot damage. That makes him pretty interesting, because that thing is already deadly if you aim carefully and have a few to cycle through in a locker.

Thanks for the tips.


Maybe Fahz is not quite comparable to Kait and JD when it comes to damage but he can do a good amount with his ultimate, maybe depending partly on which skill cards is equipped.

I’ve seen a Fahz with a tri shot pop his ult when he was in cover next to a Marcus popping his ult. They were syncing it so Fahz could get automatic headshots through the walls.

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Jack guide?

Hey Loot,

The majority went with Fahz.

So as it currently stands, Fahz will be next, then Marcus (as he was Nerf’ed alot). Then Jack :slight_smile:

This is more or less what most people asked for so, it will be coming. Just a little later.

Hi @Hu1k_Daddy

I do thank you for your guides , and you effort onto Gears 5 game.

I wouldn’t want to have any guides onto the characters , since Horde its broken as it is right now, what point would be to have a guide where there isn’t any increase of ammo boxes or skill cards to increase the ammo capacity on the weapons, I just thinks its pointless.

its like requesting a guide to drive a car when people dont even have a car to begin with.

However I do appreciate once again your efforts,