Horde griefer (unkickable)

Hi guys,

I don’t really know what to say. I’ve loved this series since day 1 in ‘06 but tonight, after experiencing being greifed in Horde, I’m so annoyed.

Was playing on Matser with an awesome team of randoms. EVERYONE was on board and playing like a dream team.

Then, all of a sudden on wave 47, our Jack decides to forge all of our power weapons. He pleaded not to be kicked and then on subsequent waves started to move our base around.

As host I tried to kick him but his gamertag didn’t show up in the ‘social’ menu when I paused - only my 3 other teammates.

We failed on wave 49. 3 hours wasted and a wonderful game with randoms in which we had some genuine teamwork going on (minus one person), destroyed.

Dudes account only had 140 gamerpoints and according to his profile ‘hadn’t played a game yet’.

I assume it’s some kind of a hacked account but I wanted to bring this to TC’s attention given there may be things they can change in the game’s coding in order to prevent people doing this (not showing up in the ‘social’ menu in game and this not being able to be kicked) again.

Someone else made a post of this too with the same Gamerscore. Probably the same guy.


We didnt have trouble kicking him or looking up his account. We all filed multiple reports against him. Id give a name but id probably get in trouble for that.

Sadly Joshy, we did have trouble kicking him. When I tried to do so (pause —> social) his GT didn’t show up. Hence, I couldn’t kick him.

he wasnt on pc was he? Otherwise could have been a hacker.

Ahhh perhaps he was, I’m not sure how to tell. I can’t remember if the PC icon was next to his GT in the lobby.

there are some sad cnuts out there…

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You won’t get into trouble for it. Mods will likely just edit or remove the post and state forum rules do not permit ‘naming and shaming’, and stating that you should directly forward the name to them or TC. Something to do with preventing a “witch hunt” where people could deliberately go out to grief the mentioned player. Not that I see any harm done when it is a [known] troll as it would make it easier for players to avoid said person. Am not aware if this rule also applies to private messaging on the forums, however.


If the troll blocks the host. They won’t show up in your social panel. You have to kick known trolls quickly.


Otherwise they will be “unkickable”

I know of 2 trolls who do this!!!
Anyone who needs to know who they are ,feel free to message me and ask , I have no problem tagging ***** like this

Good to know but what if they block the host while they are loading into the game? Wont they be able to block you before you even see them show up?

No. You can kick the moment they appear in lobby, you just won’t know who is a troll and isn’t

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We need to take advice from South Park and develop Troll Trace :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s really unfortunate. I wonder if there is anything on TC’s side that can be done to fix this or if it’s a Microsoft issue.

This troll/griefer was astounding. Actually played like the ideal teammate, even sending supportive and helpful messages in the text chat before going on a trolling rampage at wave 40 ■■■■■■■ 7 after nearly 3 hours of game time. He kept messaging apologetic messages and said he’d stop but clearly didn’t.

Absolutely crazy to enjoy doing something like that to others. Tbh I actually feel for him, that’s so messed up.

I’m not sure.

@TC_Octus care to comment?

Do you guys have the ability to implement a fix for this?

Currently any troll can join lobbies, block host, and troll freely. Unable to be kicked.

Plot twist…

Octus IS the troll :grin:

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Third time this has happened to me/others who just wants to play on higher difficultys insane/master,I’m sick of it,This morning another jack joined us to mess up the game,so that we couldn’t go on,could not get the gamer tag to block/report even on player recently played with because it stated not available,:rage:

If it’s true that blocking the host makes you not show up in their social tab, my guess is it’s an Xbox Live shortcoming, not the game itself.

I don’t understand people like this. Aside from the fact that they destroyed the game for themselves too, what entertainment is there to be derived from ruining someone’s day? How empty does your inner life have to be, to consider that fun?