Horde - "Go," "start the game."

How many times I’ve seen this in pre-match lobby is beyond me. I had that once when someone told me to start the game without Jack and engineer in masters :sweat_smile:

Well why are you on these forums then?

Go. Start the game.


Am in the middle of the game bro.

A good team doesn’t need either of those with the current meta.

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Yeah you can say that when you are playing with commander and his team etc. Try saying that to randoms.


I do this. The lobby willl be full for 2 mins and no one is switching and nobody is booted and the guy might not be paying attention.

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The patience of some players is astounding. I have too many game where I have at max 3 players including myself and all I see are “come on start” “Go” messages. Most of them leave after waiting 10 to 20 seconds.

There also the other lobbies ive joined where we have a full team and the host doesnt start even though we waitied for about 10 to 15 minutes lol.

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I get booted sometimes because I didn’t change my level 5 character to someone higher fast enough.

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That happens to me all the time. I joined and the last character I used was a level 10 Lahni and while I was trying to change I got an immediate kick or the classic join as useful character but the host doesnt like it because reasons and you get the boot.


Patience of the host, eh?

Most random lobbies won’t start without one, but you do get the odd one (and it’s golden when you do).

Problem is most randoms don’t know how to play without one.

Like, I had a lobby last night that wouldn’t start a master frenzy unless he had a Jack and a Del. On Exhibit btw. Not even a difficult map, or one that takes years to set up.

Lot of players don’t meet the requirement for hosts’ post, hence why they get kicked. If a host needs a Jack, and no one picks as Jack then you can’t really complain about that.

Oh I tried, but as predicted the change to allow everyone to buy everythin from the fab made pubs even worse. Randoms didn’t listen before and they certainly don’t do now.

Yeah that’s why it’s easy for to say…

Majority of times I’m a solo player which I struggle to cope with these randoms. E.g had Clayton in my team on masters and he bought salvo first, rather than forge first…

Very true, I can understand in that sense.

But then again, I don’t understand why people are so strict in what they want.

Like, after that I went into a Master Frenzy on Bunker with a level 13 Mac, a level 10 Marcus, no engineer or Jack and got to Wave 12.

Do something different, have a little fun, have less stress. Not everything has to be a ultra-safe by the books meta run.

We got a Baird in the end and they started, but then when the Baird didn’t put the fabricator in the spot they wanted, the JD and Lizzie left.

I suppose that is more of a frustration I have with the game now. And that might be their idea of fun, IDK. But I can’t imagine they will find the game fun all that much.

Some refuse to adapt to doing it the “different” or “unsafe” way. Like when I did an Insane Frenzy match on Exhibit with a friend once and decided I wanted the fabricator on top of the stairs near the laser bridge but they were uncertain about it and were sold on the fact that we would fail for sure. Come half an hour later, they beat wave 12 with no problems but I had disconnected earlier for no good reason.

The same happened in Gears 4, players would refuse to go anywhere but the spawn areas on a lot of maps even when they were viable but just more difficult to beat which made things more interesting. Or some were just not good enough to do something else.

Others just want to do it the most “efficient” and “safe” way due to all the grinds in Gears 5. Even if it’s not fun. Although I would think having the “Survivor” modifier mandatorily imposed on Master matches rather than being an optional toggle in custom lobbies for any difficulty isn’t helping it since you, well, can’t restart if you fail or get a BS wipe by Swarmak, Kestrel, Guardians or Sentinels.


You too eh? Gears is the only game that gets me with this.

Also, I wish more people were open to change. Some characters are a lot better and fun to have in Horde, but a lot of people are attached to the old meta and don’t seem interested in fun.

Excatly and I wish that was true. But unfortunately I still see lot of hosts demanding players to be JD, Kait as there post suggests. Otherwise hosts will start kicking players

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