Horde glitching

Have been playing horde on split screen with my good lady wife. Have been noticing that if I’m playing as Kait, I get at least one glitches weapon slot, where regardless of which weapon I prefer (Overkill, torque bow, embar and claw), the gun acts as though jammed, even though the reload bar suggests an active reload is applicable. This is getting real old, real quick, as I’m essentially having to stockpile gnashers in weapons lockers to have enough ammo for later rounds. Can TC not get anything bloody well right with this game?


I have the same issue, even if I use the 50% faster reload card. It will still Jam even if just swapping between Overkill and Gnasher, Gave them time, treat this game like an mmo not a shooter. :slight_smile: they might even add Sawed Off Shotgun! It would be nice to have that in PVP or Horde.

I’m not sure if I got the same problem but if I miss a active reload my guns just flash and constantly reload. Usually at the worst possible time I might add.