Horde getting grabbed from behind by swarm enemy?

I was in a horde game and while in cover a swarm enemy grabed me from behind and was holding me,then came up a hit b button to escape,now i’m not sure if i escaped by hitting b or one of my ai bots killed the enemy that grabed me,so just how does this hit b button escape work if it happens again?

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That would be the Sire enemy. He will target a specific player and begin to run for them. He’ll attempt to grab them, and drag them away from everyone else. Mashing B will just prolong your life, as once B runs out, your head is removed. As soon as you see one coming, try kill it or stun it as fast as possible, as it ALWAYS drags the player into a swarm of enemies.

But my char survived and escaped it,so survival must be possible,whats the point of hitting b if all you get is your head ripped off.Note this was in horde mode…

It extends the time you have for one of your teammates to rescue you.

Well since i had a all bot team one of them must have help me,and some say bots are useless,i guess not.

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They are whimsical.