Horde - getting beat down counter (kick attacker off)

Hello everyone,

While playing horde in Gears 5 a couple of days ago (it was 50 wave standard horde game on master) as as an infiltrator, I went down (DBNO - Down But Not Out), when a grenadier started beating me up on the ground. But then I pressed some buttons and somehow I countered their attack and kicked them off of me - without any help from any teammates. I don’t recall what buttons I pressed - I think I may have accidentally pressed RB, A, B, B or something like that.

Does anyone know how to do this counter attack (by kicking them off of you) when you are getting beat down on the ground by the horde?

I tried replicating this but so far I have not been successful.
I have tried performing my ultimate while getting beat down, I tried timing the attacks with the B button, I tried various button sequences, but to no avail.

Anyone have any idea?

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It’s when the enemy gets hit by Flashbang.

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Never encountered this

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Other concussive stun effects work too right? Like the Nomad’s Boltok if they can land a headshot (with Concussive Rounds) etc.

Oh, this one used to drive me insane. I used to think I was the boss when it happened but nope it was a flash bang that did all the work lol

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Other stun effects work too, yes. Whether it be from The Hammer, Concussive Explosives or something else.

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If you are on beginner you can beat them yourself.

Not sure if the master/beginner glitch did this or if you were in a Locust vs Lambent wave or if it was some strange bug

Yes they do. Handy when playing Slugger/Gunner/Nomad with their stun cards.

Thank you Ektope! Yes, that was it. The flashbang worked!
Thanks to everyone else for suggesting the stun / concussive attacks.
I’ll have to try that too.

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My favorite is when you do a Lebron James toss to a distant teammate that is being beat down to save them.

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I have a follow up question to the question about stuns
say my friend is about to get their neck snapped by a scion (still in DBNO)
if I keep stunning the scion with embar active will it cancel the scions execution?

also the scion execution is badass so I wouldn’t even stop it anyways

You can only interrupt DBNO struggles. If an enemy initiates a proper execution animation the game counts the teammate as “dead”… even if nothing happened to them yet.

You can stop enemies from starting the execution if the game properly registers the stun though. At least, it should but knowing the game, the enemies will probably still ignore the stun and execute anyway, sometimes.

Yeah this is pretty much what I mean. If someone is in DBNO and the scion is right in front of them I was wondering if an embar could just stun him to death or if he’d recover at some point and just execute. Like you said knowing the game the AI might just ignore all of that.

Usually, so long as you keep hitting an enemy with EMBAR stun, it can be kept perma stunned.

But as we (should) all know by now, the AI is all too prone to just go “Nope” and completely ignore that it got shot by an active EMBAR. Mulchers, Boomshots, Buzzkills, DR-1s, Drone Elites, Therons, seen em all shoot at a 90 degree angle while in the EMBAR stun animation. I would assume in that case they would also still execute a DBNO.

This would have been a really cool mechanic. TC should have implemented this.

Would have given players a fighting chance in escape/horde, when their teammates are far away.