Horde Frenzy map choice needs more random selection

Anytime I go to horde Frenzy it is nearly always atrium. You try to back out and search for another it throws you back in the same one you just left. Wasting the time of the people that want to play on that map and those who want a different map.

You could just host a match and pick the map you want?

Or look into hosted lobbies.

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Theres a solution for this in the game. Lobby Browser.

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Well, kinda. The lobby browser is also often full of lobbies advertising Atrium. The other maps that crop up tend to be Overload, Blood Drive or whatever the daily map is. It often takes me 30-60 minutes minimum to find a lobby that isn’t any of those.

Although to be fair, with the number of players on my blocked list, longer search times is kind of to be expected for me. :smiley:


Yesh the easy maps will always be advertised more on the lobby browser. Best thing for OP to do is host their own and wait 15+ minutes for the lobby to fill lol


custom horde is a nice feature but it killed a lot of the “excitement/randomness”


Yes but its an in-game LFG which alot of games don’t have. The lobby browser helped this game alot.

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After my experiences with 4s public matchmaking, and a lot of sentry spammer engineers, I’m totally fine with custom lobbies. Especially now where most of the half-decent players seem to have moved to them. Public matchmaking quality degraded significantly when the lobby browser started catching on with the playerbase around Op 3/4.

Now Escape was a different thing, since it only requires 3 players, so the chances of coming across someone good or semi-competent were much more reasonable, but the same happened there too, more or less.

I can’t speak to player willingness to keep going with a run if you’ve failed and start over again, but since non-daily public Horde always has Survivor right after you leave Beginner(stupid choice imo), it’s not probably not very high because TC has been training bad habits. Also doesn’t have Master so it might occasionally be missing a modifier that can change a thing or two up(not always, though). Not that I want to sound like an elitist or anything, I’m just in the habit of playing the highest difficulty at this point.

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As said above, Custom Lobbies are the way to go. It’s definitely one of the best things about this game, which is saying something.

Also given the fact there is a mere handful of people I’d actually trust not to make a mess of the lobby settings, nor to abuse the power of kicking people, I’d definitely go with hosting your own lobby and waiting.

It can take while to get the first two players but from then on people will see 3/5 spaces full and join rather quickly.

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