Horde frenzy different

Is it just me or has horde frenzy become more difficult even on lower difficulties? I tend to do the daily horde on advanced and they seem to throw bigger and harder enemies at you even at lower rounds. I generally just join with randoms but once it’s gets to round 8 and higher it’s just impossible at times. Not sure if this is intentional or TC have cranked up the pressure too much.

But the Game is already very Easy to play with…unless you played in Public Lobby, which you have turned on More Health & More Lethal.

Or your classes are literally Lv 1 that makes it very “Hard” to play, but in Advanced mostly choosing the Three Easiest Modifier can be an Easy Cake for You.

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Recently they’ve changed hordes enemy loadouts adding Scions earlier, mini boss changes and boss combos in general. On top of all this locust were added to the mix for variety that can spawn with all type of enemies containing of Swarm, Robots and Locust.

In short yes horde DID get harder, It’s not just you. Despite the opinion of some people horde indeed did get harder…


Careful now! Some people claim that only 1-50 Horde is legitimate and Frenzy is “fake Horde”. :wink:

In all seriousness, I think Frenzy is harder. The difficulty curve ramps up very quickly because the enemy gain their health, damage and accuracy perks quicker, and the early waves in particular have more enemies. Probably around 3-4 times as many. Plus on the boss waves on wave 8 and 12 feature 2 bosses at the same time right off the bat.

No, you need STAT to persuade them :wink:.

If you can play Faster, you can play Slower, which means if you can finish Frenzy easily, Classic Horde is just kind of Easy Cake.

Dude! You can’t say things like that without backing it up with stats! You said so yourself!

But I am kinda tempted to ask what this person 'L’s Escape stats are. Not to boast or anything but my stats indicate I’ve mastered every hive over 15 times each with no exceptions, with some Hives having been mastered 30+ times. Not that it proves anything. Just that I’ve had more time on my hands! :joy:

But back to the original post - I do genuinely feel that Horde Frenzy is harder for the reasons I mentioned. The intensity is higher because of the enemy perks after each boss wave, and the numbers of enemies early on. The only advantage is having more power/money to build a base with, but everything else makes it harder. I suppose 1-50 is also a test of concentration…

My Completed Classic Horde runs are 68, my completed freeze horde are 253.

Opps, maybe I’m a Beginner :fearful:.

Also to the OP, if we’re talking normal Horde (and not the daily challenges), TC recently switched out the Execution Rules mutator and replaced it with Aggressive Enemies, so enemies move faster and push you more aggressively. This applies to both Frenzy and 1-50 Horde.

The daily challenge map features randomised preset mutators so the difficulty varies depending on what these are. Some of them are harder than others.

I would say the Current RNG of Spawn Enemies is too dfferent from previous Op.

A small Map like Checkout, Abyss that would have the Disadvantages of Aggressive Enemies. You need to pay more attention to some place where a Group of Scions spawning.

However, small map like Overload is kind of a Trash Map because you just need serval Barriers and able to Control Full Map.

Big Map like Pahanu, Habour & Regency can be very Difficult no matter in Horde or Frenzy due to the Classic Modifier or Daily Modifier. I’m not gonna talk about how your team is Good, so you can Smash Everything.

In fact, a Good Base Setting can prevent Enemies rushing to Your Team, but your Team shouldn’t rely on too much Fortifications because those units are helping you, it’s not giving the chance of Sentries or something to Carry the Whole Team. You still need to do your Job / Duty - basically said by “Know What You Are Doing”

The main point is 'Players can’t rely on too Much Supportive Stuff, who don’t how to play if there’re No Barriers / No Lockers / No Sentries" If you learn from this, you can be a Master Player, let alone playing in advanced difficulty.

Final Quote:Practice Makes Perfect

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I don’t know if it’s really anyone’s place to tell someone else how hard a game is or isn’t. We all have different skill levels and amount of time played.

But, anyway, threads like these popping up are exactly why I made my thread giving feedback on the new Horde.

It is harder for average players and there was too little (zero?) communication that this was coming. Just saying “the locust are coming to horde” doesn’t instantly read as “horde is getting harder” to most people.


I know the point, because basically Gears Series isn’t a Hard Game compared to Dark Soul…etc.

So, I’m frustrated to the point if it happens in GoW 5 only or having difficulty also when playing other Games.

I just want to clarify if there’re some people who don’t suit to play these type of Games because playing Games always need to use your Knowledge to understand how the mechanics the game are, so I just can’t really see a reasonable point if it’s really in a Difficult Way to play in Advanced Level.

I’m not put the Blame for the Thread, but it requires time to understand the Game, which is a responsibility to play the Game instead of arguing the Game is difficult.

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A buddy of mine was in a game with them not too long ago. They kept taking Nomad’s executions (stunned enemies from Concussive Rounds) and they were dying a lot. Eventually, they quit.

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With our pal ‘L’? :smiley:


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I’ve never played with them (at least to the best of my memory). I’ve only ever had one bad experience with a regular poster on here. Everyone else I’ve played with has been decent.

Difficulty increased artificially only to please those try hards, this and the low amount of players and those being very bad players is more unbearable. Many of my friends don’t find fun this game, only stress and for me too.