Horde Frenzy daily challenge -mutators etc

Thought it would be good to have a topic on the sheer joy that is the daily challenge horde/ frenzy. Thanks to TC for adding this, it’s a great addition to frenzy which is already awesome.

Regency with the poison was brilliant managed two masters runs, one with no fortifications at all.

Dam today was a whole new level of hard with the 1000% Ultimate recharge. Had to drop to inconceivable and got it done with a random team on the second attempt with a Nomad, Markman, Eng, tach and I was gunner. Wave 12 Matriarch and Carrier. Whole team dead and I manged to stun the pair of them with a salvo while picking up the cog tags. The most intense wave I’ve had on the game. Dam’s a tough map at the best of times. We set up literally in the spawn and had one row of barriers. Didn’t even push forward like usual on a dam horde run.

That 1000% mutator is a killer for high damage dealers and I only got to fire Clays Ult once!

Looking forward to tomorrows already!


I agree, the new challenges have been a breath of fresh air.

Can you imagine where Gears 5 would be today if @TC_MichaelAOS had been in charge from the start?!


Another thing I like about these is that I have seen WAY fewer matches with randoms dropping out. I generally play public and in the past I would say it was about 75-25 in terms of completions due to quitters. Now, if playing the daily challenge map I think the numbers have switched 75-25 the other way.


Yeah I gotta say this is something we needed in Horde and I love it. Dam is a complete B**** for ultimates but having fun none the less. Even with Keegans ultimate cooldown its taking forever to get it back lol.

Edit: Tried a Master run and it just wasnt happening. 1 level 1 locker and even then there just wasnt enough ammo to go around. Couldn’t hold the tap at all and eventually got wrecked in wave 17. Have a feeling melee classes will fair alot better on this for master so im gonna try blade master.

Respect to anyone who pulls off a master run of this one lol.


If people have severe trouble with these challenges, just do a custom on wave 50 only, it’s easier than the 12th frenzy wave and on Master gives the maximum benefit.

I imagine that will get closed off as it makes a mockery of the daily challenge.


It’s the trouble that is the fun, ain’t it?

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I managed this on Frenzy on Master difficulty with friends earlier. It wasn’t much of a problem. We had JACK, Fahz, Keegan, Paduk and Clayton on our team.

I was Keegan and only got to use my ultimate twice (including the free one you get at the start). Don’t think my team mates got to use it much more than twice either. We had no fortifications at all - we just spent it on perks and kept some power in reserve for buying weapons (for the ammo). We would also try to leave the last enemy alive so we could capture the taps for extra money.

I wouldn’t be surprised as, so far, TC has disabled almost every avenue for easy progression. But at the moment it’s there for those that want it.

Managed it with 2 Jacks and basically used them as weapon lockers with there portable resupply.

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Honestly at first I was so bummed out that they took 50 waves from public BUT honestly I only played customs public 1-50 matches anyways.

1-12 is a lot better for public with randoms and it keeps the lobbies better overall.

This horde mutation on top of the daily escape rotation now is so much better. I’m really happy about this.

I just wish now that we had a daily versus mode changing around now tbh. But it’s no biggie.

I agree though it’s like a new game now.

I agree, these daily Horde challenges are great. And if you are a person that like challenges, you’ll enjoy these. I’ve missed a few of them, but the ones I’ve played have been very challenging.


They wanted you to have a keegan or marcus on the team to get youre abilities faster.

But overral i love these modifiers. Forces you to pick other players and use strategies you havent mained. I think its awesome and fun. GREAT PROPS to their hard work in my end.

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Agressive enemies is one of the mutators today. Like the sound of that :slight_smile:

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It also was on Regency. Seems to make certain enemies run towards you faster which can be both funny and catch you off guard because they get close way quicker than usual.

Although I guess someone using Infil with Laceration would not complain about such.

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Today’s is a lot of fun on Nexus but there appears to be some mutator bugs:

First try poison flushers didn’t work, they were aggressive as hell but didn’t drop poison. Juvies, pouncers nothing. The reflective shell grenadiers worked and were a nightmare.

Second game almost everything dropped poison but the grenadiers didn’t shield when damaged. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to work like this or not?

Yet again enormous fun again. Barrier free build back to the wall!

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Well you’re lucky to not have bothered with barriers, the poison puddles do a ridiculous amount of damage to them. Saw that on Regency which had the poison puddles as well.

We had three gunners, veteran and tactician. Just smothered the steps with mulcher fire. Start down the steps each round and get pushed back as the poison gets closer. Often we got pushed back to spawn but it worked.

A lot of fun. I can see me getting months of enjoyment if I just play these each day. We know events are long overdue on horde but these hit the mark perfectly for me.

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I did Regency with the dropped poison modifier as an Infiltrator. My only complaint was that a drone would activate their reflective shield while bleeding from my shotgun and I’d start taking the bleed damage. In one instance, I straight-up died (skipped DBNO) from the reflected-back bleed damage

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I did the Dam one on Incon within a public lobby where the host had switched off the slow ultimate recharge so as Marksman i was able to markza the bosses through walls.

Though my ultimate seemed to bug out, after a few shot it just stopped showing the x rays of the enemies even though it was still active.