Horde Frenzy Daily Challenge 12/2

The poison flusher modifier combined with aggressive enemies is bruuuuuutal. I know we’ve seen this combo before but these mofos are mega agressive. I’ve gotten three really good teams … minus the engineer who didn’t seem to catch on that the poison was wrecking his numerous barriers…and I’ve still yet to get it beat. We almost had it once until we got a warden and matriarch on wave 12.
I’m not complaining…not by any means. I enjoy the challenge, just a genuine thread of conversation about everyone’s experiences on today’s challenge.

What I do want to complain a little about though, is how the daily comes up in regular Frenzy waaaaay too much. I’m enjoying the dailies, and I am so thankful for the addition. And I know it’s not a priority to fix, but if we want to play the daily, it’s right there, it’s own choice to play, on the left side.
If people AREN’T choosing that, that means they are specifically choosing not to play it for that particular match. So there’s no reason 4/5 regular Frenzies should throw us to the daily challenge. Yesterday I had 9 straight lobbies go to the daily,…after I had already beat it. That gets very tiresome (yes, I know, private lobbies, blah blah blah)
Just something to rattle around in the 'ol noggin.
Anyway, again, grateful for the addition to horde, but down the road it would be great if the daily stayed in the daily mode choice, or at the very least, came up less often.


Definitely a tough combo of modifiers today.

Played three (inconceivable) frenzy matches, first one failed on the 8th wave (survivor on), second one completed all 12 waves (survivor off, no fails) & the third completed as well but with multiple fails (survivor off).

Recommend having an engineer & Jack for this one…

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I’ve been Jack, also on Incon…I think we’ve always had an engineer. My first game after this post, we beat it, lol…and I got my skins :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


You mean,

The one we did. lol Well with my TV cutting off in the middle of wave 12 did not help.

Thanks for the heads up. Getting the daily map more than other maps was not our intention.


Bless you.

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Yep that’s the one, hard work but hey we got there in the end :sunglasses:

Does “reflective shell” on grenadiers include bleed damage? On Overload 2 days ago as Infiltrator i kept getting downed constantly. I don’t know if it is because bleed damage reflects or just that I had had 6 pints of beer before playing and therefore wasnt as sharp as I would normally be.

Yep, Jack’s a boss! Especially with this flushers mutator! He’s my Horde main now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It does. It’s particularly annoying as infiltrator and doesn’t make much sense but I kinda like the challenge of not attacking everything the same way.
Beer is not the problem lol