Horde frenzy = Big miss

This had so much potential but there are massive misses on this

  1. Not being able to create a private game
  2. To the 1st point, for public matches master needs to be limited to character 15+. Too many people trying to just get a quick level boost but have 0 concept of the game type. Like most things with gears 5, TC fell just short

Didn’t they say that horde frenzy will get all that down the road? I thought this was an event leading into operation 3


It is a permanent addition to Gears 5 and will get all maps in matchmaking as soon as Operation 3 drops. But Custom lobby support, well, it isn’t known when it will come, just that it will.

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If they said it I missed it but those are 2 very simple concepts that should have been released with it. At minimum custom lobby’s already exist and should have been implemented from the start.

It’s in the last what’s up :man_shrugging:


You forgot only 2 crap cards for your troubles.


Still no reason this should have been released without private lobby ability

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Because it takes time to develop.

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We are lucky to even get this at all with OP 3 being pushed back, cant you be happy they are still giving new content?? I swear this forum is 90% people whining about the NEW content we get, 5% legit complaints about the state of the game like connection issues or menu issues, and 5% random discussions about Gears stuff.

Now on the grounds of putting master behind a level wall i 100% agree with that to many people with little horde knowledge jumping up and messing up high tier games.


How much more time do they need??? 6 months or more after release and the ONLY thing they get right more often than not is the fkn store, and even then…


They NEED to add more content because they launched it WITHOUT the amount a AAA title SHOULD come with. Now they’re slapping on bandaid to their broken beta release and telling us BS that “more will come later”.


Sure, which I’d agree with if private lobbies dont exist already and they needed to develop a system for it. That’s simply not the case here.

Call of duty was released after Gears 5 and they just built and released a massive battle royale mode as a standalone game yet, so let’s please not pretend this is something it isn’t.

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It took time for TC to make private versions of all of the frenzy type modes in Gears 4, so I expected it would be the same for 5. It is certainly easy for people to say “TC should make this straight away” but without seeing everything behind the scenes, its not realistic. That said i can understand the frustration with TC not putting in things like frenzy from launch since they were super popular in gears 4.

COD also has a much much bigger budget and playerbase, so it makes sense that they can scale a lot more.


No no, surely they don’t have the complexity that gears has to deal with, wheres that lsd taking smoke blower at …
Definitely much easier for them to code than the geniuses at TC who have never before made a game.
The lengths people will go to to defend this pile of garbage is amazing. Over 6months since release and we’re still waiting on new maps… they must be building new software every time they do a map,

As a programmer, I will have to disagree with the development argument. Of course, theres development needed but most of this is copy / paste. The maps existed already, assuming number of waves is a variable and the spawning of the locust is algorithm based, nothing else is different. Game mechanics didnt change, weapons didnt change, in fact, even the horde mode game type existed already.

Again, let’s not pretend this is something it isnt.

At least we can agree to this :slight_smile:

But only one of us is speaking from a place of experience :wink:

I have actually developed a game before FYI, Game engine limitations and bug fixes gave me an appreciation that things are not always a simple copy/paste.

Its also quite disingenuous to talk down to someone who disagrees with you based on information you have made up about them


How I wish they would make a barrier wall for low level players…I’ve wanted that Since gears 4 though. So irritating. Luckily we can back out of matchmaking lobbies in 5 without restarting the game. The Sarah conners are back in force today.

I think frenzy is pretty good for the most part, but feels too short. It just feels like it’s getting good at wave 12, needs to go to at least 20 like their horde events.


Well as being in game development then, can you say you think the state of the game is what it should be? Can we maybe find a common place on that?

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