Horde for the love of Gears 😣

I need help… for the last few nights we get to Wave 12 on Horde Frenzy on MASTER and example…

All Fathers Garden a Swarmak spawns next to the fabricator, Wave 12 on Master and kills all 5 of us instantly… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Bunker a Wakatu spawns next to the fabricator, Wave 12 on Master and kills all 5 of us instantly… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I was always under the impression that the fabricator area was a protected area and bosses should not be spawning on top of or right next to the fabricator :thinking:

Strange. Are you sure you aren’t all hallucinating? If a Swarmak spawned in Allfather’s Garden you should all feel relatively safe as it would be some distance away, as in 13 years and in a different game away.


Thats because theres only 2 boss spawns for the big bosses (Swarmak. Carrier, Snatcher and Kestrel) on Allfathers Arena, theres a few of the maps that are like this. An enemy was most likely occupying the spawn spot on the opposite side of the map so the game automatically spawns the boss on the only other spot which would bc right in your base, unfortunately. I have the boss spawn in out base on purpose because its fun that way but i could see how a swarmak spawnimg directly next to unsuspecting players would be dangerous. The only way to try to stop this is to put the fabricator directly on top of the boss spawn spot but even then that doesnt work sometimes.


Yep. All fathers, Foundation, Speyer and Blood drive are like this.

Only thing you can really do is not group up and be ready to retreat to the very back.

With the bird, dont group together, dont stand still, and be near a large piece of cover ready to move to the otherside if it trys to pop up near you.

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You really should’ve been there yesterday when me, and @XeRo_x_ReFlexes tried to do horde roulette as 2 BMs and our fab got destroyed because a carrier spawned on top of it.

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I did some Roulette yesterday on Pahanu and we had a Carrier spawn on our fab. Luckily, we had Striker so it got clapped despite Demo lagging out.

Yeah carriers love the fab lol

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I had a Swarmak spawn about 5-10 meters from the fab on Speyer when it was the daily a few days ago.

Luckily we pulled out of that one with relative ease.

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