¡Horde Feral Pack is all I ask!

It’s been idk how long since last time it was on the store and I think is fair we can get it back , it will help a lotta players as well as the new ones,
when I said bring it back I mean ‘ASAP’ …
New characters are good but what is the point of realizing more generic COG and IUR?
I know some players love it Idk why they have nothing good same voice different armor :smirk:
But well like I was saying bringing back the Feral Horde Pack would be awesome and I know I’m not gonna be the only one happy if the TC give us this pack back …
Any thoughts on this post it’s good or bad to bring it back? Many of us are just waiting with open arms and a ton of credits ready to be spend lol :grin:

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I’d make a suggestion how about make it 800CR so we can have it Permanent.


400 was only for the event it was special limited time pack. Making it 800CR is double that. I think it’s looks better and it will give you a better chance at something nice

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Even if it is 2000 I’ll buy it lol
I missed all those times the pack was on the store , it will help me with my horde skill for scrapping 20 duplicates seems big of a deal for anyone :sweat_smile:

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i remember that pack it was the best if yur goin for the epic skill horde cards i literally maxx out my sniperstrike card onthat oneeven the hamer of dawn, mortarskillgood times

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Yeah! I know that and I feel bad I missed it

I just want a Theron Guard variant of some sort. Savage, Feral, Maimed…I don’t really care. Just rerelease the Palace Guard pack please.

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You right Older characters are better than this generic version of soldiers imo

Probably not going to happen. They want you to spend money on the payed horde pack.

Actually you don’t spend money unless you have no credits but I doubt someone is gonna spend real money on those packs

Not the regular horde pack I mean the premium horde pack that costs 3$.