Horde: fabricator items keep increasing in price despite having the modifier turned off. {bug}

So… In Horde, there is a modifier/mutator to make fabricator items increase in price every x number of rounds.

However, the items still increase in price every x number of rounds even with the modifier turned off.

This makes a game where you’re already starved for power as an engineer even worse. I haven’t seen anyone else talking about this either, which is odd.

I’ve already opened a bug report with TC on this issue, I suggest you do the same. Here’s the link to report bugs: https://support.gearsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Keep an eye open next time you play horde and you’ll see it too.

@GoneOnDatHerb can also verify this issue occurs.


I made a thread a few days ago… no one seems to be caring and I haven’t seen this issue addressed by any devs either

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Devs don’t partake here on the forums as of late. For the last week with all of the problems, I have not seen one dev make a post saying anything. People have been copy and pasting links from Twitter instead. It’s a shame the company has the forums for a game they now make and spend more time on Twitter.


Which is really annoying. Twitter is an absolutely terrible place to provide customer support.

I don’t get why they remade the forums just to not use them


Ryan Cleven was in one thread addressing a few things. However for some reason this syet mdoesn’t list him unde rthe “dev posts”

The forums are made for fans to discuss things. TC has addressed this a few times.

Many more people will go to social media sites rather than the forums, so twitter, facebook and reddit are where most of the information goes.

Would it kill them to copy and paste the information here too though?

I personally would prefer it they did, or pushed stuff to banners, which they have done in the past.

A ton of forum users though don’t look at pinned posts or banners so when TC has done this previously people haven’t been able to find the information on here anyway.

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Agreed. It just seems like people who don’t like social media are being ignored or bring treated as less important. As if we’re not worthy of having gears 5 news and updates posted on the official gears site.

I don’t know of any other company who refuses to post info on their own site, but only on social media.

It’s not like it’s a monumental task to post the info here too.

I’ve said my piece and it’s not your fault. Back on topic, have you managed to play horde yet? If you have, did you notice this issue too?


I have played tons of Horde, but never used the Fabricator for anything other than purchasing an overkill so haven’t experienced this myself.

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What did he address?

He is Nodezero.

Right, this. I read this on already. He didn’t post this on here though right?

He replies with that tag on that thread.

If you are asking if he is talking about the OP’s issue, that he hasn’t no.

I’m not shocked that they haven’t posted much, if anything here on the forums in response to the feedback that everyone has been saying. Especially if a lot of the feedback pertains to the same things. I get Twitter is a huge Social Media handle and all but lets be real. The forum should be their main means of feedback. Not 2nd or 3rd. I couldn’t wait until Gears 5 came out. Now, this past week was a huge let down and now with Borderlands 3 out now, not sure if I will be playing much gears unfortunately.