Horde fab broken?

Had a game where I couldn’t buy anything from the fab in the weapons tab except flash grenades, except upon buying, give me boomshot :rofl:

Should mention it’s someone’s custom game, also the choices are different?? Jd’s lancer wasn’t there but a retro was, tho it wouldn’t let me buy it??

Somethings wrong

Fab in Horde sometimes seems to glitch out if you join a match already in progress. Meaning you were not in the lobby before the match was initiated. Sometimes, it messes your fabricator purchase options up to where you can’t find what’s where, sometimes it shows you everything but only lets you buy what your character can get but in whichever spot the menu shows it being in.

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There are several reports about it. TC haven’t fixed it yet because:

A. It is not a priority.
B. They still don’t know how.
C. They don’t even know there is a bug.

I wish I could discard C but it’s hard to considering the way TC keeps us informed (not to mention we barely see them in the “official” forums).

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