Horde Events Please

Can we get some horde events cycled through periodically, or at least incorporated into the daily challenges?

Yes I know you can set up these games in a custom lobby, but there’s little to no incentive to play them without a little extra reward.

Would help the PVE going for a bit longer IMO.


■■■■■■■ fun-havers, curses upon them!!

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That’s actually my point exactly. Right now they almost entirely exist as a novelty mainly for bored groups of friends to try something new.

Why not expand on their potential to keep the player interest going a bit longer?

General playerbase dont like events because they are too hard.

I do really like Horde Roullette and Horde Mania though. It takes awhile to get a lobby going because the match isn’t a 1-50 on Overload so no one is interested lol

Boss Rush would be better if Swarmaks could spawn but for some reason in the “Boss” gamemode not all bosses can spawn.

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I agree with both points of view here.

I do miss the days where people played games for hours just for fun and didn’t get a reward that in a few years you won’t use again. You didn’t need to have all these XP systems and rewards and Battle Passes.

But, that is where the gaming community is nowadays. It would encourage more players into those Horde events.

So I guess I would want these to happen even though I dislike the idea of it.

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They MAY potentially put the Mad Man’s Monsters(Swarm only iirc) Horde into a public playlist rotation for Halloween. Don’t see anything else happen beyond that.

Speaking of which, is that one part of the event selection in private matches or not? I never bothered playing it because I hate the idiotic pumpkin heads forced on everyone almost as much as Boomshot Scions.

You should play Gears 2, 3, J and 4. They have nothing …

With 5 you have plenty to unlock, level up, play style and master.

Game is dead now. Michael left a long lasting experience with all the custom play lists and level ups till the next Gears.

My and a friend set up a custom madman’s monsters lobby a couple of days ago, using the daily modifiers and it was full within seconds.

It might be the way to go when you want to play something other than frenzy/standard horde. Horde roulette gets filled up quickly too. Just turn off survivor and play on inconceivable, incase you get an absolute bs enemy spawn.

Daily Modifiers dont work on anything besides 50 wave and Frenzy Horde though. It was full so quickly because people thought they were doing the daily for rewards, not because of a vast interest for Mad Man’s Monsters.

Is this mode still missing like half the enemy roster?

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Unfortunately, but it still has boomers in it and there’s flyers like every wave so I think it still presents a good challenge. I would prefer every enemy to be in it but for some reason some aren’t like Palace Guards which are a really fun enemy. Horde Mania gets pretty crazy in the later waves.

Man, that sucks. The pacing of 25 waves is perfect but the more limited enemy variety makes it a little boring after a couple games.

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At least Swarmaks actually spawn in Mania - feels like they’re not even in Frenzy anymore.

Until that one time where it spawns straight into your base on Mercy, when no one was blocking any locations where it could’ve spawned.

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Thats because they only spawn with one enemy set : Hybrids/Palace Guards. They should change Frenzy’s to how 50 wave horde is right now, the boss is random no matter which “army” you have. This would result in more chances to fight a Swarmak.

That would explain this memory stuck in my head of seeing a Swarmak on Lambent waves but never actually getting one during a Frenzy.


It was already cancerous as it was dealing with a kestral/wakaatu and literally anything else/matriarch almost every wave. Ain’t no way anyone wanna deal with Swarmak/matriarch or Swarmak/kestral too.

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I do lol

The Wardens w/ Bastions, Wakaatu, Swarmak Combo that used to be in Horde Frenzy was wild and now there’s nothing even close to that level in the game now. People complain about difficulty but then complain that the game is too easy when the difficulty is taken away. Makes no sense to me

I can’t help but laugh at the amount of times I’ve complained about something being too hard when soloing escape but then complain about master escape being too easy when with 1-2 other people. People just want a challenge but it’s a fair one is the best that I am assuming.

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It worked… We got the rewards.