Horde/Escape Only Characters

So why are certain characters locked to only 1 mode escape or horde? I’m not the only one who doesn’t find this very appealing right? Only guest characters are allowed to do both which is crap.


Why they don’t do it like they have with just about every GoW game they have made? Who knows?


I don’t know more about this than you do but what I do know is that they will add more characters to both Horde and Escape as time goes on.

Why add more characters, if they are locked to a certain role? If they give you exactly what you need to complete stuff now. It just seems pointless and a dead end to me.

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I want to be Mac on Horde. That was disappointing.

Exactly why they should have just kept the class system from 4 this horde is the biggest mess ever with abilities to the point it is pointless for me to play public because of not knowing people’s setups.

I know I posted this story yesterday, but playing Horde. I had one guy building Forges and placing them every where. Then had another in a different game that was building Barricades and just leaving them at the Fabricator. It was a real waste cause the Barricades stopped nothing.

Adding new characters doesn’t address the issue that we can’t play as who we want to play as.

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