Horde/Escape Max Level For Characters?


My Marcus is level 18. Is 18 the max?
Or do I need to max all my cards to max?

I wish the game came with a glossary for context.


Yes 18 and level 5 cards are currently the end of the grind, you’re maxed at that point


A wikia with more than just story/lore stuff would be nice for little details like this.


I would like a big Microsoft company like TC to do what Warframe does and invest in regular QA + lore + turorial + development streams. They just talk about what they want to instead of reading the chat like a normal Twitch streamer and really interacting with the community.

All this would resolve hostility and disappointment with some of the player base where they have no context about development decisions and when/if things get patched/released etc.

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Community engagement?

Bah. Wasted shekels!!!

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I’m not sure if they still do it but dead by daylight had a dev stream. Every other thrusday the devs would get on a stream and read off a list of topics/concerns from the community. Then they proceeded to say how or even if they are doing anything about it. Those devs often make terrible patches and have no idea how to balance their own game but at least they tried to make it look like they heard their customers complaints.

Warframe does it best. Microsoft should do this to their franchises, Halo, Gears + Forza. Be a Gears partner get involved. Create involving community. Warframe can do it and they are not as big as Microsoft.