Horde/Escape Matchmaking Bug?

So I’ve recently hopped back into Gears 5 for Operation 3. And I’ve been playing a lot of Escape and a bit of horde. I’ve noticed that when I matchmake for past hives (i.e. Ice queen, the detour, the barracks) it will put me in a lobby for a different hive.

Mostly it will put me in the mines or the descent. I can search for “The Choke” just fine. It only seems to happen when I matchmake for the past hives. On a similar note, when I search for Horde frenzy, it sticks me in full 50 wave horde matches. I don’t really want to commit a couple of hours for a full horde match so I prefer to play frenzy. Are these known issues? Or does the matchmaking system just put you wherever it can fit you?

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Normally it should just put you into the hive or Horde mode you have chosen, not put you wherever. This is a bug, presumably came up with Op 3.


It’s just irritating because each hive has different mutators so I either have to leave and try searching again or switch my character.

Had this happen multiple times today. Choke put me on Gauntlet and any past hive put me on Descent.

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