Horde/Escape hosts kicking everyone not in their squad right before winning

Saying that probably took a humongous hit to his ego lol


I’m sure that hit harder then any Insult could :grin: :+1:

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Oh, I’m sure, he never responded, so he either realized he should leave it alone, or he blocked me lol.

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Some hives are much easier than others. I did a quick count and I reckon there’s about 10 hives I’d happily and consistly just solo because it’s quicker and more convenient for me than playing as a team where it becomes a lottery.

Although there are other hives which are harder and would realistically take alot more time through retries which I’d still play with a team though. I’ve solo’d them before, but realistically it wouldn’t be a quick game (The Surge, The Split, The Malfunction, Forever, The Barracks). Some of them are easy with a team but become significantly harder solo. I think with The Malfunction as an example, it’s the sheer number of enemies at the end. 3 people can cope and wipe them, but 1 person will take much more time and ammo, and having to juggle multiple roles (kicking Trackers away, sniping, CQC etc).

Oh I know. That hive beat me down every time I tried to solo it lol

But yeah if I have friends on then I’ll do the daily to get some coins. I can’t play with randoms though. I have ran into some really good randoms in escape though doing The Split lobbies. That hive brings out the best in people I suppose.

I once kicked someone just before the doors closed in escape - I was going for the weekly time target and they had joined in progress so were effectively dead. This would have given me a 3 minute penalty on my time and taken me over the target. I was doing the maths in my head as the door was closing, and would have let them stay if the numbers worked out - but they didnt.

I have no regrets, and would do it again.

Big brain energy right there :slight_smile:

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Don’t blame them lol

I have a thing for both maths and ruthless efficiency.


I’m not saying I’m the best but it’s damn discouraging trying to join master runs just to be met by the furious four stack and not knowing weather your gonna stay or not it’s even worse when your character under leveled(mostly cause I don’t find any of the other classes fun to play but since I wanna unlock skins :man_shrugging:t4:) so master runs I’ve held master runs together at lvl 12 characters when everyone else was 18-20 I get the whole just taking protocol to ensure you win but GAAAAAAAH give a brother a chance :joy::joy::joy: I can hold an area down by myself with 2 barriers and a locker :joy::joy: but everyone want that :sparkles:HIgh score​:sparkles: And ngl I be praying 2 grenedier get off 2 good nades and wipe em :skull::skull:

Some tips i would give to reduce the chance of that happening:

  • host your own lobbies, play with friends if possible.

  • if the first is not possible for whatever reason, avoid the lobbies with the word deposit in their title. These people tend to be obsessive with the power and get angry because you get perks on wave 30 even if there is a ton of unused energy.

  • also avoid titles that want to play or ban specific classes.

  • avoid all the weird titles. I once got kicked because the host asked if I was a fan of “x” person (i don’t remember the name of who he asked, I’m assuming it was a singer or model, who knows) and I didn’t know who he was talking about.

I’ve never had this happen to me but just the thought of it is pure evil, whoa, hope they can be reported.

I’ve only done this to one person before. It was during one of those grindy Insane runs on The Surge (Escape), so wasn’t a big time/effort investment.

They were (at the time) on my friends list and we used to play a bit on GOW4, but not that much (I can’t remember them, their voice, what they were like, where they’re from etc). They joined my lobby but we haven’t played GOW5 before, so it would have been after a fairly long time, so a couple of years. They started going off on one about me being “a whiney ■■■■■ on the forums” using text-chat (which is odd, because I’m many things, but whiney?) - completely unprovoked. I ignored them at first but by the time we got to act 2, they were still slagging me off, so as we were approaching the helipad I decided to kick him right before the end.

They have used the forums before in the past but are not one of the regulars. :wink:


Call outs aren’t allowed on the forums.