Horde/Escape hosts kicking everyone not in their squad right before winning

So yea in the past 3 days I’ve been kicked out of horde/escape matches 4 times right before we win. I guess my question is can I report these people to xbox enforcement? I read code of conduct and didn’t see anything related to this. If not is there a way to report them to Gears of War 5 devs? This crap really kills my fun playing online. Does anyone else have this problem? And finally is there a way to request to GoW5 devs to make it impossible to kick to someone out when the match is almost over?

I’m sure you but not much, if anything, will be done about it. You can always leave a comment and explain the reason for the report but again very doubtfully anything will come of it.

Best you can do is host your own games.

This happened to me one time and is the sole reason I never join random games anymore. Ill gladly wait for my lobby to fill up. I joined a game from wave 1. These players weren’t the best so I had to pick up the slack because of it. There was one enemy left on wave 50. It was a mulcher scion. The host paused and kicked me and my friend wicked. For no reason at all. Never typed in chat. Never did anything dumb. Just played and killed enemies.

I like to think in the back of my mind that that mulcher scion was able to kill the other 3 players in that game. I known its not a big deal in 5 but its just the thought behind it. Like why kick someone at the very end of the game for no reason.


It happened to me on the Overload map too. On wave 43 my locker was still at level 3, we had +100k energy and I upgraded to level 4, the host engineer didn’t like it and he kept threatening to take me out of the match on wave 49, saying I would have a surprise, I I just said “if you want me to go out, kick me now, don’t be threatening”, then he kicks me.

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Same happened to me once as the doors were closing on a Master Escape game and the host messaged me and said to get a different skin for my gnasher.

:::insert eye roll:::

Like @SNAKEYWAKEY389 said, the best you can do is host your own games. Building a friends list over time can work wonders in minimizing frustration. What I did in the beginning when I had no horde friends is always hosted and always added every player I won a master horde match with.

I had a guy threaten me. So I spent all the money on decoys and turned everything red


I’m glad to meet @RelaxingKoty for sure, it’s always a friendly and causal team to play with.

I don’t think he will botter any new friends if you’re nice at all.


Until someone throws a shock grenade at me lol


People like to do a little trolling sadly. I remember 2 months ago I was doing wanderer with 2 randoms and then I got kicked right when the door was about to close thus robbing me of cards for daily. Part of the reason I only ever solo escape these days.


That is crap behaviour, you can report them for the behaviour (That would fall under unsporting I would say) but I wouldn’t hope for much.
Best to put the bunch on blocked so you won’t see them again.

Well if it is a 50 horde that is a bit more than a bit of trolling.
I hate not much more than my time being wasted,
Luckily that didn’t happen to me yet…heh.

Then all bets are off ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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You solo escape because you avoid something like that…

Meanwhile, I solo escape every single time, seeing as a Challenge for me… :woozy_face:

“Ability Gap Confirmed”

“Clearly, a esport level escape artist vs. a NEW Protato”


Gonna sound arrogant but its easier to solo escape hives because randoms make it way more difficult than it needs to be. Ill have to fight the enemies and my teammates stupidity at that point. Did they take all the ammo, did they walk into a room that triggers enemies?, did they hit the helipad switch when theres no venom near it?


The Truth can’t sound arrogant, not once in 2 Years have i Mastered a single Hive with Randoms because in Escape you need to comminicate, know trigger areas ect. and People these days don’t use Mics or atleast Text-chat and since Escape can be done Solo why would i even bother to try to play with Randoms.


Yeah, happened to me the other day. Joined on wave 1 got all the way to wave 50 with two cyclops left and was kicked. The host sent me a message that just said “lol trash” whatever that means. I had the most klls, overall damage, and even revives (sad when you consider I’m a blademaster and the host who called me trash was a jack). I decided to be a passive aggressive ■■■■■■ and replied saying “thanks for letting me play with you guys, I love helping out struggling players”


Bit Hive dependent but absolutely true.

So many times I’d be playing Gatekeepers and id type in chat well before the person was even near the door : " please don’t walk past the door that I just opened" the random would then dart past the door triggering all the extra enemies to spawn in top of the scions that we have to deal with.