Horde & Escape Forced Character Swap

Okay so first of all, the fact that you can’t have duplicate characters in a session of Horde or Escape is ridiculous, it’s annoying having to choose a character which you don’t like because someone else already picked it; The class system is also annoying, it was good in Gears 4, you select the character YOU LIKE, and then apply a class on top of it; easy, convenient, that’s it, multiple players with the same class could be there, if that worked against the team due to lack of role variety that was the team’s problem, we shouldn’t have to be FORCED to play different roles. (Which itself is idiotic since multiple characters have the same roles);

I’m even okay with characters having unique abilities (Emile’s shield dome, Kait’s cloaking, etc), but the other stuff related to roles should be based on what we want to equip, same with weapons.

Now, what really angers me is entering a lobby for Escape or Horde, selecting my character, and then another player joins, decides that he/she wants to use the character I selected BEFORE, and force me to change it; what the hell? If you are not going to change this horrible system at least make it so the first person to select a character keeps it; if someone else then tries to select the same, tell them that the character is already used by another player; how can you handle this so badly?


GOW 2,3, and 4 have always been about “player choice”, if the team picked wrong for classes then oh well, it was their decision, I have seen the weirdest picks for random matches but sometime they not only worked but we finished quickly.

GOW 5 is anti player choice, and you play the way the game tells you to which is the opposite of fun.


I’m sorry to everyone out there in public horde, but I will quit every time I don’t get my preferred character. I wonder if TC actually made the quitting problem worse with this. Time will tell.


Totally understand.
I was in a lobby yesterday as faiz. Someone else chose to be him after they were another character.
But like you say the game changed me.
It changed me to Marcus. ( like I said in my own rant of a post of the same subject). I wasn’t to bothered as he’s always my second choice.
We started wave 1 and I was kait.
It’s stupid.
It’s common sense like that life old saying ‘’ first come first serve ‘’.

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It’s an understandable frustration. I’ve had quite a few lobbies where the match begins after 2 or 3 dupes had to change, and they all leave because they’ve been switched. Myself included. I usually main Jack or Del, and after the game decides to throw me into a game after switching me, I’m left with a cardless character that’s now unplanned for and going to be a disadvantage.

Agree, this is something to fix asap. This is so frustrating in random matchmaking, and people leave due to it which is annoying in Escape.

The game already checks for “conflicts” so it is very simple to implement. Just make it so that when all are in the lobby (conflicts resolved first time), that you cannot select a character that someone else in the lobby has already chosen.

I’ve been having the problem of selecting Mac and the rest of my team be the others, but then it makes me be either Keegan or the girl. One match I played had two Keegan’s. Me (even though it showed Mac during the cinematic), and the player that actually selected Keegan.

Oh, it’s even better when your forced a character swap into Kait, when it shows your a different character in the scoreboard.

Makes the game not fun, fix it Coalition.

AMEN! :pray:

Dont need to say more to this

I mentioned something about that in here Gear 5 Horde thoughts and discussion. Now imagine when new characters are available. People will be quitting almost every game to play as Dom, Baird, Cole, the Carmine bros, etc. I’ll be doing the same thing as you unfortunately. Especially if I need to play as a specific character to unlock those horde achievements.


Yeah, last time I played, I picked Mac and then the game switched it to Emile.

It’s not a great system, but I’ve started noticing people are using it to troll on Xbox. They’ll wait until the Map Loading counter hits around 5 seconds, then quickly decides to switch to a character someones using already, and boom. Map loads before you can react to switch and your stuck in Escape/Horde with a character you weren’t prepared for.

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Remember when they said no class system for horde yeah they are full of crap and they know it. Certain characters are forced into specific setups which are basically classes not fooling anyone TC just like the no microtransactions talk a few months ago :joy:. Also having characters be horde only or escape only is about the dumbest design decision imo.


This is exactly what is going to keep horde full of rqers like 4 was imo.