Horde / Escape. Duplicate characters Frustration

Allow duplicate characters so everyone can play as who they want. As a lot of people are leaving matches of horde and Escape due to no one wants to compromise playing as a character they don’t like.


Last night I played horde as a duplicate Jack bot.

I Got vids.

This Horde involuntary change of character is not fun. If anything they should continue the class system they had in Gears 4. The class system was better.


Yeah like ffs public horde is going to be so bad for this…

I’m an escape player so can’t speak for horde, but my advice is to have 2 chars you play. If someone is one of your chars you have another to play. It is highly unlikely both of the other players (there are 3 total) will be using each of your chars. If so, quit out.

Having 2 jacks limits the firepower severely for damage output. Unless there’s something I’m missing.