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Horde ERROR message '0x00000d1c'

(S7W7A7Ns) #1

Everytime I try to play horde mode it displays this error code. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’m trying to play the horde ‘monster mash up’ event to obtain the two remaining skins I need to complete the midnight omen weapon skin set.

(DirtySheezle) #2

same problem since today, same errorcode. Many of my friends have the same prob too in all Horde modes (public and privat) only versus is working…xbox and pc =(

(SchizoPsycho74) #3

Unplug your router and restart your console.

(DirtySheezle) #4

doesn’t work

(ItalianQueen808) #5

Having the same issues

(SchizoPsycho74) #6

Google that code and it’ll tell you how to fix it.

(EVIL 0NE) #7

Please check out, TC is investigating this issue,

(EVIL 0NE) closed #8