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Horde Error 0x00000d1c - Post Here

(mrMONEYPENNY007) #457

this solution is rated from 3rd oct 2018 - thats last year. same problem now too?
gamertag required? to community manager - updating current date of this problem for better finding, no one is looking into a year old thread without a solution

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(anon86589457) #459

I have added a forum banner shortly after my last post for maximizing visibility. Also pinned this thread. If you are affected by this issue, feel free to post here, this will help us with our investigation. Thanks!

(x502 EL Tezay) #460

I am having this issue for days now. I know this is an old thread, but it is relevant in my situation. I cannot play horde at all and it is my favorite aspect of GOW4. Please help me fix this issue. BTW I am on XBOX One.

(Kixylix) #461

Someone on my FL (RustyGearz) was having this problem last night. They could not start a Horde lobby. When joining a friend’s squad, they were booted as soon as the friend started a Horde lobby.

Tip: Don’t make Horde mode reliant on online in GoW5. No good has come of this.

(TrackNova) #464

Can not play horde every try after count down loading map lobby it says you have been returned to main menu connection to servers as been timed out. Xboxone after 10:00 pm pst
Earlier in the day made it into a few matches but some one didn’t make it in every match. Every match I made it in was on a North American server but host was uk or eu player makes for a very laggy game.

(Corpzkiller) #465

Im having this issue… And 0x801901f4… Im about rdy to bounce…

(Corpzkiller) #466

My issue is not…ive never had this issue until tbe recent update… I bought my son the season pass… He opened all his packs he received… I log in last night and it gave me all of his season pass packs…now im getting this error… Please fix this…

(Corpzkiller) #467

Unblock corpzkiller ! ! ! And princesslaya

(xXx EtieDa1 xXx) #468

Connection to game timed out. Now 4 times in a row.
What is goiing on ?

(TC Octus) #469

Hi everyone,

This error has now been fixed – you should be able to play Horde without any issues.

If anyone is still impacted, please let us know in this thread and we’ll investigate your account.

(HGPZ) #471

no me carga nada mi cuenta es HGPZ