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Horde Error 0x00000d1c - Post Here

(MuellBacchus88) #32

Its Friday night, please let me play.

(Friedhelm33) #33

i think so

(SEF II Egotron) #34

looks good for me guys am in the game first time for 3 days

(MuellBacchus88) #35

I wamt too😢

(Friedhelm33) #36

and the ohter players on 6xp that cant play

(Friedhelm33) #37

i was play three ours and now i was blocked

(I Juhis I) #38

I have this problem too. Thanks for solution!
GT: I Juhis I

(Friedhelm33) #39

another and another when i was manualy free

(nitenwhitesatin) #40

Also having the issue on PC- gamertag= nitenwhitesatin


Having same Issue
Wrath 0f gears

(lovingrock2ez) #42

I have the same issue, my Gametag= rock2ez win.
please help me out, thanks:sob:

(Friedhelm33) #43

when the problem is fixed as the problem is okay and now i was banned from the horde it on three days

(Friedhelm33) #44

three ours always okay and now i was banned

(Friedhelm33) #45

can you say why???


Having this error code. Unable to play horde. Gamer tag KILLNSPREE76

(Blaster56) #47

hi this is Blaster56 I cant log into horde


My boyfriend is having the same issue but thankfully i am not his gamer tag mkite14 pls unblock we love playing together and wanna play monster mash. Thank you

(Friedhelm33) #49

you say 1 -2 weeks the problem is fixed and the 6.66 xp ist that then fixed i thing gears of war is then for me fixed and for many people of my friends is then fixed

(Blaster56) #50

gamertag Blaster56 please help get error that it cant retrieve information

(Friedhelm33) #51

no its a problem from coalion