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Horde Error 0x00000d1c - Post Here

(Gravity Synn) #316

I got 0x00000d1c can not play gears

(Lord Comander32) #317

I got the same problem, please fix it GT Lord Comander32

(Ariebaby) #318

I got it too

(DarkSquallXx) #319

Almost certainly are the servers that do not support the increase of players for 6xp.
The TC has never enhanced these servers, and when there are these rare events, they go haywire

(DeJarnette) #320

same been like this for over an hour WTF can we get an extension in the xp event I just want to get a omen boom shot for crying out loud .

(mizzelphug) #321

Was in the middle of a public horde match when people started dropping from the match mid-sprint. Have not been able to do anything for the past hour now.

Servers take a dump again?

(MsChocolateKiSS) #322

Can’t load into a match either

(A5TRO KiLLa) #323

Same here cant get into horde public or private and even versus is down… been good all week until now


It’s showing I lost all my scrap, and I cannot sell anything.

(A5TRO KiLLa) #325

All scrap and credits gone


It’s just the servers being wonky. I’m hoping they get this fixed before the 6.66XP event disables.

(sancris777) #327

I tried to change a weapon skin and it took like 30 seconds lol

(Kameleon83 NL) #328

I got for the second time the error code 0x00000d1c i played 1 till 50 horde without getting xp for it. Inconcieble iron man also my bounty didnt came after finish the 50 waves and xp. Plz fix it coallition so i can play horde again.

(DryPoncreas) #329

Been playing Horde with no problems past 3 days. Try to get into horde now and been getting this error code. GAMERTAG: Dryponcreas

(Reddawn1979) #330

I’m having this issue.
my Gamertag Reddawn1979

(SteelHarmony749) #331

Back to the same error message when are you going to fix this problem???

One da y and it is right back to not being able to play.

(MarcoLipe) #332

Help with Error 0x00000d1c
(FatalError3141) #333

Just finished a 25 match, the game was being weird.
I was getting “Match results taking longer than expected” every wave, and “Waiting for other players”.
When we finished it did not show the XP screen. It was all 0.
Now i have this error code 0x00000d1c every time i try to join a match.

(Tm5k) #334

Got this error code for the first time today, along with a couple of friends who were also attempting to play Horde. My gamertag is Tm5k.

(SEF II Egotron) #335

nobody can play anymore, and nobody can destroy bountys