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Horde Error 0x00000d1c - Post Here

(eviljas247) #295

Same here started on sunday at 8pm uk… 0x00000d1c, cant play horde and all 241k credits gone

(IGotASkrewLoose) #296

Just started getting this error today as well as almost 90,000 in scrap credits gone…WTH??

(MCSS Aerocoupe) #297

I’m getting this error too, on 11/4 at 3:15 PM Eastern time.

Tag: MCSS Aerocoupe

(Zerotheundead) #298

same here, helping friends on horde

(eviljas247) #299

Just checked my scrap. All gone same as my credits.

(greatevilone) #300

It appears I lost my credits and scrap after getting this error code too. 0x00000d1c

Coalition we need your help!!!

(Freekdaddy) #301

error code 0x00000d1c @ 8pm gmt 4/11/18 .I had already played a couple of horde matches then hit with this message :frowning_face:

(xHySt3rIa v2x) #302

Hi i am having issues also with the same code GT: xhyst3ria v2x all scrap and credits dissapeared

(RobotChicken142) #303

Still happening the day before 6.66 xp event ends , great

(Bushido012) #305

Having the same issue .
GT: Bushido012
2018/ nov/4

(Maximus08932764) #306

Hi - letting you know the error code is back for me and basically all my friends - please unblock me at your earliest convenience - thank you. If it’s not too much trouble an extension of 6.66xp would be greatly and warmly appreciated.

(aarons915) #307

I’ve been playing all week fine but today got this error message. I’m aarons915 on PC if that matters, thanks.

(metalder10) #308

same here no credits no scraps unable to play online


I have encountered the problem too :poop::man_facepalming:

(RaJbInDeR007) #310

hey gears team! i just started experiencing this issue today as well
platform: pc
gamertag: rajbinder007

(Pankerizate) #311

Same problem over here

(MCSS Aerocoupe) #312

Update: went to guide > System > Restart console. Able to get into Horde lobby now.

However, now I can’t see how much scrap I have.

(eviljas247) #313

Cant get into any horde matches private or public, keep getting that error code. Only started at 8pm uk time, been fine all week up until now. It kicks me when ever i join the lobby n get this code.

(mizzelphug) #314

Same here in the US.

(AsrahZarh) #315

My Gamertag : asrahzarh
My spouse’s gamertag : the pourfandeur

hello I just had the bug tonight too with my spouse. thank you for fixing it quickly.