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Horde Error 0x00000d1c - Post Here

(TC Octus) #235

No difference between web or the game - both will have the same impact.

We’re talking to the team about any potential solutions for players who didn’t get unblocked using our back end solution. We’ll post with updates as soon as we get them.

(Bunchin 2 gou) #236

please unblock me…
When can I play…

(zhaolinjia) #237

I have an error code and I can’t play in any horde mode, please can you help me.

Gamertag: zhaolinjia
Location: China
Plataform: Xbox one X
Error code: 0x00000d1c

(METORO2013) #238

I am problem persis my gt is metoro2013

(Gran Sayaman 2) #239

Help me error 0x00000d1c horde :sob:

(DeathScythe M01) #240

Works fine for me just 3 hours but the error it still there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Having this issue again
Wrath 0f Gears

(horror book1395) #242

yes and me,it only started when thex6.66xp began,can play versus but not horde

(METORO2013) #243

the problem is still presented urgently solve it thanks my gt is METORO2013

(GOWAS87) #244

Error code 0x00000d11c

(ManuNitro) #245

Help me Problem of CODE ERRO 0X00000DC1 Unable to connect me in addition to paint XP times 6 help me please


Today the daily bounty that I received is the Inconceivable that everyone is saying to scrap. I am just going to leave it alone. What timing…

(MistaBeee) #247

error 0x00000d1c still occurs.
can’t play horde since event started.

GT: MistaBeee
Xbox One

please help.
thank you.

update (2 hrs later): error still occurs.

(TC Octus) #248

Hi all -

As of 8am Pacific time this morning, we deployed a server-side fix that potentially rectifies this issue.

If you have been blocked by this error, please try again and let us know if you are now unblocked - we’d love to know if it worked for everyone!

Thanks again for your patience,


(AceMcCloud) #249

I’m still getting the error, tried it just now.

(WispOfDeath666) #250

I have been able to play 2 games but now the same error code I would appreciate if you can unblock me again

(WispOfDeath666) #251

Hi I have been able to 2 play games but now I get the same error code

(DeathScythe M01) #252

Works fine to me. Thanks TC

(Bunchin 2 gou) #253

I can play horde for now:)

(minigunbilly) #254

Minigunbilly hi Oictus have still got the error code for about a week will it ever be fixed . Hope to play some 666 good luck.