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Horde Error 0x00000d1c - Post Here

(NRG360V2) #215

Try what I said

(JaydenCena08) #216

The fix seems to work if you scrap all of your 85 000 inconceivable bounties…u might have to do it every game to get in, then create bounty while ur in the lobby…so far my game is fixed for one match…fingers crossed for more…

(TarmicleIII) #217

I have the same problem yo play private Horde. Please i hope to find a solution

(JaydenCena08) #218

Yeah keep scraping all 85 000 inconceivable bounties to get into a lobby…create more once you’re in the lobby.

(Maximus08932764) #219

Update: looks like my game wasn’t fixed - please extend 6.66xp event - thank you for your eventual help.

(ilttle robot) #220

Try an reboot,

(OPL TzilMizTlii) #221

Hi, I got this error code can you help me cause I can not play horde private or multiplayer thanks :pray:t2:

GT: OPL TzilMizTlii
Xbox One X

(Devil Jin Nz) #222

I have the error code 0x00000d1c again please help gamertag : Suspect jin

(WispOfDeath666) #223

I still have not been fixed still cannot play gamer tag is WispOfDeath666 thanks

(lovingrock2ez) #224

I have the error code 0x00000d1c again please help gamertag : rock2ez win

(ilttle robot) #225

If u leave the game early u gotta delete your bounty. Buy when in the game

(TC Octus) #226

Hi all -

Just as an update on this, it appears our manual unblock is working for some and not for others. Our team have been diligently unblocking Horde players who post here over the weekend and continue to do so today. Please check the new guidelines in the OP which could help get you unblocked in combination with posting again.

Thanks for your patience. We’re looking into anything and everything we can do until our full fix is deployed.

(WispOfDeath666) #227

I am guessing I am one of them? would appreciate if you could let me know if i cannot be unlbocked

(AceMcCloud) #228

Guess I’m one of the ones the manual unblock hasn’t worked for then.

I’ve read the new guidelines… don’t craft or scrap any cards you’ve used a lot of, or any to be on the safe side, that’s annoying but not as annoying as not being able to play Horde at all.

Will another unblock work or are we stuck until the full fix is out?

Is there any difference between crafting/scrapping in-game and via the web, can we craft/scrap via the web safely?


This just happened to me for the first time. I haven’t been doing much scrapping in horde only in VS so not sure if that matters. Is the 6.66 causing the issue? This dumped me out of a game saying I was removed? Can someone do this? Server error and that server is not available. Scary? Never, ever remember this happening to me. Just level 7 scout on Casual. Map was DAM. I’m afraid to try again.


I don’t have any of those? I really think the system is having a hard time multiplying 6.66. Did they forget to round off? It looks fine now and it looks like it did level up my Scout.

(WispOfDeath666) #231

I have the same issue cant play for over 3 days now


Help gow 4 horde error 0x0000.d1c please

(ANNIHILATOR 770) #233

Work for 2 days then quit please help again

(Bunchin 2 gou) #234

I can’t play horde…
error code:0x00000d1c
gamertag:Bunchin 2 gou