Horde enemy speed

Is it just me or are all enemies in Horde seem to be moving like Usain Bolt?

I used to be able to run away from Rejects but it seems their always on my tail.

There is the agressive modifier now instead of execution rule. That affect their action speed, not sure about movement speed tho.

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They probably just don’t stop ever.


Even in Escape Rejects are moving much faster.

Sometimes there’s a Must Hit that you cannot Dodge like Reject and Dropshot Scion.

Reject can sometimes if you fail Dodging, that hit will eventually Lock You and make you Go Down.

Dropshot Scion sometimes Lock the Dropshot by following you that you can’t Dodge, but you’ll die instead of Go Down.

It’s not about something Aggressive Enemy in my Opinion, but you can’t confirm if they are glitches at all.