Horde District Arcade Room... Baird Private Match

I thought I deleted this post i tried it shortly after i got home with Baird ( I was out of town for a while).

Thank you for your input all the same :+1::+1:

Any suggestions or strategies for holding the back room?

Wanrdens are messing me up :joy:


Put a box of lvl 1 or lvl 2 fences in the entrance. That stops them in their tracks.
By box I mean put like 3-4 fences long ways.
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lvl 1-2 is vital. If it’s lvl 3 or 4 they WILL stop them from passing but this forces the wardens to target the fences. Often destroying them. A box of lvl 1-2 fences only slows them down. Slows them down to a crawl. Since they are lvl 1-2 they won’t stop to destroy them. It gives JD or Kait plenty of time to blow them away.

Level 1 fences work just fine. Level 2 probably hits harder+more health but I find because they are taller they can obstruct your shots.

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I will be playing solo so I can get the ridiculous 12,000 eliminations medal for classic Baird! But I would hope the turrets will shred them up in time?


Wardens won’t be impressed by your Sentries much unless you stun them(neither will the Matriarch if it shows up). They’ll hide their faces behind their drumsticks(Breaker Maces) and just deflect most of the fire. Your best bet is to keep a few explosive weapons handy. A Boomshot or two or a few Salvos should do. Also keep some Flashbangs to stun them once they get close, or Shocks since those will damage them.

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Thank you!

I started on wave 41 last night and had over 200 kills by wave 45. But the wardens showed me what’s up!

My set up was,

One red barrier across the door ( bad call).

3 level 2 sentries smashing the door

A shock sentry that did sweet f all because the angles are tight in that little room!

In hindsight I need a weapons locker loaded with goodies!

I will do vertical level one/level 2 barrier at the door from here on out!

You can probably tell I do not play engineer often :joy::joy:

These medals are a joke, 12,000 eliminationd and many other medals to get basic classic Baird!

Anyone wants to play later hit me up! :+1::+1:

I tried the arcade room yesterday on masters. It was too easy yet funny. There’s even an entire wall made of glass so you can see the swarm trying to go through your fences. I was Baird and after I set up shop, 5 fences on one side 4 on the other, 3 sentries and 2 shock turrets. The only thing that got in was a snatcher and that was just the first room. I didn’t have to fix anything thanks to precision repair. The only time I had to go outside was our JD went to the bathroom and the sentries ran out of ammo. God it would be nice if repair speed works on refilling the sentries.

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The thing about arcade room on master is that it takes a long time for enemies to reach you every wave, even with bleeding barriers killing them. And it’s TRUE that it gets quite boring bc you are literally camping in a small ■■■ corner room every wave

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I’ve seen this a lot & my first thought was, this seems like something you’d do if u were new & just started. It reminds me of people camping in the middle part of Asylum. I suppose this method works well but imagine its pretty boring & takes way too long. I ignore district matches that mention the arcade now. Easy isnt always fun…

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I’m getting tired of every masters map being exhibit and forge. We need some more maps to mix things up.