Horde difficulty settings

Can we seperate the difficulties from the modifiers? Modifiers like Power Drain and Survivor are clearly handicaps disguised as difficulty levels. Not only do they add in extra effects, they increase the base difficulty on top of the active poisons.

Combine that with adding all modifiers to be selectible. So we can use whatever modifiers we want. Keep the multipliers for the different types of modifiers (increasing score for challenging, dividing score for helpful).

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I feel like this is a feature we’re getting later. T.C. must be aware of the issue with non-selectable modifiers
tied to difficulty.

Fun section would also be appreciated

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If standards weren’t so ■■■■■■■ high and difficult to achieve, this wouldn’t be such a problem.

I agree with this but what can you expect from the private sector intersecting into corporation expansion.

Umm I was never here btw