Horde difficulty question

I haven’t seen this anywhere but I’m just curious if anyone knows is the only difference in increasing the difficulty the mutators or does the damage and health also increase each level independent of the mutator? It seems to me that it does after hosting a game where I turned on all mutators except increased damage, it seemed like you still get downed much easier than on the earlier difficulties.

The base health and damage still go up with every increase in difficulty, yes. So regardless of which modifiers you choose to up the difficulty with, you’ll face harder to kill enemies with more damage every time you go up in difficulty. Which I personally feel isn’t a great thing if you consider there still are health, damage and accuracy poisons as well as two modifiers that make enemies even tougher and make them deal even more damage.

Which I personally find isn’t a great way of creating difficulty. Currently doesn’t seem like even Master on Horde is difficult at all, though I have not gotten to try it(difficulty) myself yet.

You have the selected mutators AND the standard ones we had on G4. Enemies hit harder and have more health on wave 50 than they do on wave 1.

I’ve played Master and it’s ridiculous and not really fun at all, it’s just a constant getting downed fest. The only point in doing it is the better chance at Epic cards, once I’m good there I’ll just play a mid level difficulty most likely.


Not that hard at all if you know what you’re doing and have a half decent team with you.