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Horde Difficulty Common Sense

I recently started a match on Advanced difficulty to find two other players with character rank under 4.

Does anyone else think this is unfair to the other players?

For example. I have a level 18 Kait.

Blood Resonance — 3
Cloak Batteries — 5
Custom Gnasher — 4
Laceration — 5
Driven — 5

These are the cards I use. It makes her an absolute beast.

I love to watch enemies bleed out after one hit with my gnasher.

Anyways, my point is that this is a character that can contribute to an advanced horde match.

I certainly wouldn’t have tried at level 4. That would mean that I expect the other players to carry me and not really contribute. A weak link that hurts the rest of the team.

I think maybe if you have a low level character then you should think about playing a bit more on lower levels until you can become a solid member of a team on the higher difficulty modes.

Just a thought.

You shouldn’t expect this kind of sense in public Horde matches at the very least. Too many people seem to think they can wreck a high or mid level difficulty with a low level character. Seeing way too many players with Level 5-8 characters in Inconceivable, Insane or even Master difficulty for Escape. If they had any clue how these difficulties went they wouldn’t go there expecting to be carried(most won’t bother with that anyway, since you often need 3 higher leveled players for the hives unless you have two pretty good players - one such case was me as Mac and a Keegan beating The Wanderer on Inconceivable without fails when it was just me and him).