Horde- Del's Discounts Are Not Accurate

Del’s passive ability grants him a whopping 10% discount on building fortifications, but as the rising cost to building fortifications slowly start going up the discount does not follow. Here’s what I’m talking (Please do correct if I’m looking like a fool). This applies to all Fortifications but ill be using the barrier as a example.

The initial cost for a barrier is 2,000 Power. Del’s discount makes it 1,800 (2,000x 0.90) so it went down by 200 Power, which is correct. The cost goes up by 1,000 to all fortifications as you slowly start building more.

When the barrier increases to 3,000 Power, Del’s discount brings it down to 2,800 Power which is incorrect… 3,000x0.90 is 2,700. It should cost 2,700.

As the barrier increases to 4,000 Power, Del’s discount brings it down to 3,800 Power which should be 3,600 Power (so on and so fourth)

Del’s initial discount given to the first barrier, -200 Power, is given to all risen cost of that fortification instead of the system refreshing the discount rate as the price is risen. This applies to all Fortifications as the price goes higher.


I hate that you’ve brought math into the forums but if accurate, somebody should page TC.

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Aha my apologies for the slight math lesson but I do hope I am correct and is reformatted as soon as possible.

I might be wrong but the cards + their % numbers (math) in general are somehow off:

-Sometimes the card says 30% less of something, the description on the right says 24% and the description for the next upgrade says 10% less with the next upgrade.

Mac’s Escape Card “Adrenaline Junky”
-Card itself says 30% more damage (no upgrades)
-Description says 4%
-Description for next upgrade says 4%
(language German)

@TC_Octus It could be a translation mistake but the whole things of abilities, cards and % numbers should be checked.

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Maybe someone in TC doesn’t know percentages?

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Theres a little Trick alot of People seem to dont know right now if you play with 4 friends just let them buy stuff for you when your Prices (Barrier as example) are like 3000 or 2800 with discount, Let JD buy you some barriers for 2000 and you just upgrade them to whatever lvl you want. That Works for every Fortification by the way. Just need to communicate a little bit, Double check if somebody on your Squad can get (what ever you need) cheaper before you buy it. For some stupid Reason Kait can’t buy anything, Some Role’s can buy Barrier/Sentry. Marcus is the only (exept for the Engineer) that can buy Decoys so it’s always great to have him on the Squad.

Del’s discount are not the only ones broken. I haven’t play for a while and I not sure if the update did anything to fix them, but there were some other cards with other characters not working properly as well.

If you could remember what those cards are, I could try testing out the values to see if they add up.