Horde daily- does the 200 percent headshot modifier work?

When I used nomad it still didn’t quite one - shot some enemies using markza

Without the modifier it looks like it I take say 80 percent of an enemy’s health so if it was truly twice as powerful with modifier it should one/ shot them - it doesn’t . It seems to take like 99 percent of health at times.
No - I’m not landing body shots🙄

Actives usually work with this modifier and the Markza but im using consecutive shot so every crit is giving me a dmg boost.

This modifier seems to work. I was able to 2-shot scions with a longshot playing veteran (without dmg boost under 80% health)
I did not try nomad

Saw some demo and infiltrator trying to come in some lobbies (explosive and bleeding on) … always funny.

I have to say after two runs on frenzy that something about it didn’t feel more powerful.

Second run I was a Marksman. Even using the Veteran’s ultimate it seemed hit or miss on stuff in later rounds. Markza felt inconsistent. Longshot felt normal. This is with maxed damage perks.

Could just be my imagination.

Lol, thats not how TC math works.

All damage boosts give you a percentage of the base, non boosted damage. So double headshot doesnt mean the damage is doubled, lol…

It means the value of a basic headshot (without any danage cards or perks boost) is added…

Example (making up numbers):

Basic markza shot = 1000

Then add 70% markza mastery 1000+700 = 1700

Add 30% acceleration (30% of 1000, not 1700) = 2000

Add 30% rain down = 2300

Add 50% prevision rifle damage = 2800

Add 50% crit damage = 3300

Now, “double headshot damage” just adds 1000 to it: it doesnt double 3300 :laughing:

TC uses simple interest, not compound interest…


No clue because I used Jack and just floated about lol

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Ahhh … thanks for explaining.
TC never make anything easy to understand !!

Yes, and it also results in stupidities where a weapon X does more damage than weapon Y. Then you add a 50% damage boost and all of the sudden weapon Y is more powerful, haha

If those two have diffwrent base damages, and one has a damage boost skill card already…
Perfect example: Gunner with mulcher and trishot.

Mulxher does more damage without the damage perk. Once you apply the damage perk, trishot does more damage (depending on the level of your mulcher mastery, etc).

It makes no sense, but they were lazy and this was easier to implement.

Bleed calculations are also based off of a base body shot. Doesnt impact explosives, but really screws precision based bleed, like gunner, anchor, and robotic expert: you hit a headshot for 7500 damage, your bleed is calculated off of a 2000 body shot (for example).