Horde daily challenge

Is the daily challenge rewards just a one off thing? Or I can get the rewards over and over again by completing the daily challenge many times?

One time rewards.

Hey there,

Correct you can only redo the benefits from daily’s once a day.

Also a good point to note. If you like to do your daily Tour challenges on solo beginner, would recommend doing the daily challenge map first, as you will get the extra four cards once a day just by playing any Horde game mode.

So save the extra Card drops for when playing Like Master or something or just the incon daily challenge itself.


There is that “double skill card 0/12” what does the 0/12 stands for?

That refers to bonus skill cards you can get per act completed. In Horde an act is basically either 4 waves for Frenzy or 5 waves for normal 1-50 Horde.

So normally you get 1 skill card per act completed. If there are bonus cards to be acquired it will indicate how many you have acquired so far through this. So 0/4 for example, indicates that you’ve acquired none of the bonus cards so far. Once you hit 4/4 then you will have acquired them all for the map.

As I understand it, you don’t get straight up double cards. You only get double the cards per act completed.

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This irritates me and it’s clearly a bug, because the Escape challenges don’t do this. I hope they fix it soon.

Yea same here,

I find it very frustrating. As the first two challenges where wasted for extra cards since I was just doing solo Horde for the daily Tour objectives.

I was like ah man, I got all these poop greens.


If you’re pooping green, please go to the doctor! :wink:


The extra cards and XP is nice but the coin rewards are laughably stingy, 100 - 300 is too low imo.

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