Horde custom games

Anyone playing horde on custom game(s),IAs today I’m having big issue’s,I live in the Uk,I’ve played only one game,the rest was unable to join,too many in your squad,kept saying no longer available,I did press Y to say 1 player.But to no avail.please can someone help,many thanks in advance

I think the Lobbies page just can’t keep up in real-time so spaces fill up quickly sometimes, or the lobby closes etc, but on the page it looks like it’s still there and has space.

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If you press X then it updates the custom lobbies…but your right they often dont make sense.

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Thanks my friends I thought it was my Xbox one x messing up again,late afternoon I started to get a few games,many thanks👍

Nice one, im in the uk…feel free to look me up if your playing horde :grin:

Definetly my friend,I’m normally on in the daytime,monday thru to Friday.Then I have access to my son at weekends is that your gamer tag here on the forums please.

Yes thats my tag m8

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