Horde custom game not shown in lobby safe for quitting?

Stupid question. I love playing horde but sometimes i cant play all the way through so im wondering if i make a custom game that is not shown on lobby im assuming its just me playing it with bots. Therefore, can i quit whenever i want without causing “quitting penalties “ for myself? Is this true? If not any suggestions i dont want to be a quitter but 50 waves is too long sometimes. Thanks guys!

You can create custom game with just bots…you dont have to make it public…im assuming you can leave when u like …as its technically a private game.

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Thats the logic in my brain just want to make sure dont need to get banned or cause headaches for people this game has enough problems. Thanks a lot I appreciate it!

No probs…just dont open it out to public to join…so you host game but lock the other 4 slots…so you can pause/leave as u like.

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