Horde Consecutive Wave Bonus

@anon86589457, being a Horde player I appeal to you.
We’ve seen TC add a “Rejoin” option in Versus, please can we have a rejoin option in Horde Private/Public for connection or server issues where if someone is dropped from the game they can return, without penalty and certainly without penalty to the rest of the team.

At the least, the consecutive wave bonus should not be reset for those members who have remained in the game but re-invited the dropped player, which is currently the case and presents a real problem when there is an issue outside the scope of the player (ISP, servers, etc.), at the moment to safe guard their own CWB the other 4 players have to leave the 5th player out. This is not fair to any of the team and creates real friction with Horde players “to re-invite or not to re-invite, THAT is the question”,

Of course it would be nice if the rejoining player could also keep their consecutive wave bonus and continue their bounty as well, if possible for the game to check the server and resume their progress, especially if the host was quick enough to pause the game before progressing to another wave (perhaps on Private Horde the game auto-pauses if a player drops? Maybe as a Horde match setting?)

Please consider patching this fix into the game in one of the upcoming updates, Horde players would be very grateful, thank you.


for real. I FINALLY got a good squad who was able to finish to 50 on insane but I got dropped around wave 30. pissed me off

This is doubly annoying when the game kicks you or you genuinely lag out while doing an achievement. The game kicked me (didn’t lag out) during The School of '08 achievement around wave 40. Luckily I still got it by some miracle, but that could have been really unfortunate.

It’s really odd to me that such a solid game mode drops players in the first place. On top of that, there’s no way to recover any previous progress even if the host pauses immediately. To throw in another oddity, sometimes bounties count and achievements don’t and vice versa. Hoping to see a fix for this because it can get super frustrating when the game disconnects a player, especially since Horde 3.0 is otherwise some of the most fun I’ve ever had in a game.

I fully agree. This is the most frustrating issue with Horde. If you’re doing a 1-50 and it kicks you out, you’ve lost everything if you join back.

This has been an issue since DAY 1 and they never fixed it, but happily wasted time patching speedruns, nerfing the mode to hell (hammer, turrets etc) which nobody cared about them fixing or asked to be fixed.

TC need to step it up for Horde in gears 5. We were second class citizens to versus players for the lifetime of Gears 4, and it is infuriating

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I agree 100%

As if there were not enough reasons to quit early, I believe and have seen people quit soon as that CWB stops for whatever reason.

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I think it should Auto-Pause allowing the host to decide when to restart or even end the game.

This way, you can allow a few minutes for the person to join back, maybe reset their router / Xbox / PC or whatever to join back :+1:

This way, there’s no reason why the person re-joining simply cannot genre-instated within the team, without affecting any part of the match.

The problem is, even if you rejoin it screws up the match.

  • Everyone loses the consecutive wave bonus gained up until the point of you leaving
  • Your bounty no longer works, as the game thinks you have completed no waves in the match
  • If you’re the engineer and you leave and rejoin, any fortifications you built that get kills no longer count as your kills, and are treat as enemy suicides from that point forward (unless you destroy them and rebuild)
  • Your score is reset
  • Your kills are reset
  • Your revives are reset
  • You can no longer get your achievement (i.e. complete 50 consecutive waves on Ironman Horde as x/y class) as it just forgets that you completed waves up to the point of leaving

The word “leaving” there means:

  • Getting booted by the server
  • Your internet going off temporarily
  • Leaving due to other technical issues

So as you can see, the ability to rejoin the match is the least of our issues.

This list is just a small subset of currently open issues/bugs with Horde mode. All of which have been ignored . The only things they’ve “fixed” are nerfing the hammer of dawn by making it too expensive, nerfing the turrets, breaking blood drive enemy spawns and doing everything possible to stop speedruns.

Rather than keeping players in the game by fixing bugs, which could help dissuade speedruns , they simply act like the bugs don’t exist.

It’s so annoying the way they’ve butchered Horde. It has so much potential, there are just so many bugs and some glaring oversights that dampen the experience.

I’d like to add that I love Horde and I think the core of what TC’s vision for Horde 3.0 is good. It just needs the bugs fixing, the power system changing so it just automatically goes in the fabricator and making it so only engineers can buy fortifications (if an engineer exists in the game).

Those changes alone would make it a far more enjoyable experience

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What I mean is, if the game stayed paused then it should be able to allow you to rejoin and load in all stats and restore you back to pre-quit state.

I’m sure this might not be straightforward but it can work in Versus so should be able to work in Horde too.

That makes sense. Apparently it makes too much sense for them to implement it. :confused:

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Hopefully next game they can build Horde with this in mind :v:

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There are a lot of considerations TC need to add for GOW5…basically copy GOW3

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