Horde Class Perks - Reference Guide

Hi all! I searched for a reference guide on what Classes had what Perks in Horde and came up with nothing. Why’d I look? I wanted to play something other than Nomad, but wanted to keep the boost to Damage & Ammo (capacity or regen) for my Markza.

Gotta admit, not finding anything at all surprised & annoyed me. Rather than complain, I made a solution. Couldn’t figure out how to properly transfer over the tables, so I just uploaded them as images instead. Hopefully this’ll prove useful for others as well.


People like you are a godsend :slight_smile:


Good table. Ive been levelling up jack lately. And i think repair and speed max at 30.

Hmmm… I’ll double check that now

Fixed and updated! Thanks for catching that.

Tank Anchor Dmg Resistance is definitely not 100% lol, it’s 30%.

Dmg Resistance 100% would mean complete immunity against any damage. :sweat_smile:


Wow THANKS. I had just made a draft of the perks for each class and decided to try every(almost) one and ended up having sooo much fun. But this is a great guide and saves me the trouble of having to redo mine.

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Now if only someone could do the same for Arcade…

Arcade is dead right? Who plays this game mode anymore?

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Even TC have given up on the mode since around Op3, we haven’t had a special event for Arcade in a long time, and I always re-roll my arcade objective if I get it. I think Dana said on a dev stream several months back that Arcade didn’t hit as well as they thought. They’ve even put Arcade at the bottom of the pile for playlists, even though Arcade is supposed to be targeting the casual community.

I doubt it will make a return in Gears 6, it seems like something that needs huge changes in order for the mode to work, which it doesn’t seem TC are willing to do, at least in Gears 5.


Yes, you are right. OP3 had a healthy population of players playing arcade. Never had a problem finding a match then.

I don’t know what happened OP4 onwards…

I haven’t gotten one since the starting of OP4…