Horde Class Exp

Ive done quite a few 1-50s on Insane as Mechanic the last few days and got anywhere from 15k-20k class exp.

Is there an amount set per wave or is it based off performance?

Also if people could post what they got (Class/Difficulty/Class EXP earned) it could help us figure this out

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you’re better off doing Frenzies and always have boost. Also play on Incon/Master if possible.

its a set amount but I’m not sure by how much
I’d post my gains but I’m quite tired
will definitely share later today tho

They also significantly the CXP you could gain in PvE with class-decoupling. Old 1-50s would sometimes give you 50-60k CXP. Not anymore though. Can’t let people skip on all the grinding…

Applies to Frenzys and Escape as well. Escape 2 Act Hives will always net you 2,5k CXP per NORMAL master-run.

It always felt very underwhelming. I wish they wouldn’t do this or at least give us more EXP boost…

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