Horde character xp what a joke

Horde should have double xp not for characters but for reup game been out for 2 months ur characters ain’t maxed that’s your problem

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I don’t understand…

I would have preferred that too.

O i can do that also n be a selfish little shlt… u dont have reup 20? Thats ur problem… play more n get good!

I dont have max level chars cause i dont play horde anymore. Im looooong general… but a quick chance to boost levels may make me jump in… why not both char and normal xp buff…

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Am I the only person who doesn’t understand what the OP is saying…? It’s nigh on incomprehensible! :neutral_face:


He wanted Double XP from Horde. As in Re-up Level XP.


Totally agree, currently attempting to rectify this problem by playing horde, so far so good :grin: kinda feel like I can solve problem :yum:


I don’t have a lot of time to play and max out all my characters, so I’m glad that double xp for characters is on this weekend. :smiley:


Lvling up a horde class isnt as bad as the last gears IMO. At least now we dont have to max out the class to get all our perk slots. Hell some characters you can get them to 12 and that’s all the perks you need cause their golds suck.


nice only got 3 characters to level 16-18, the real problem will no doubt be still getting cards i’ve already maxxed out and greens and blues trying to tempt me to buy from the store, but it’s never going to happen im not special.

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You can’t buy skill cards in the store bro.

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I like that it’s character xp.

I’ve been so committed to versus, ToD and totems that I haven’t been able to put time into leveling up my characters.

Highest level character I have is fahz at level 12.

Well we will get that changed tomorrow sir :sunglasses::+1:

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Same here. I appreciate the character xp.

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Say someone was on Re-up 22+. If it seems to take roughly 10+ days to get whole Re-up. Then 28 more Re-ups x 10+ day = 280+ days. That’s like 9+ more months. Potentially nearly a whole year, going from Re-up 0 to 50. That’s why 2x or 3x times Re-up Level XP in Horde or Escape would be appreciated,

Your not meant to get to reup 50 in the first 3 months thats why it takes so long


Or have both. I don’t see why not.

Or just ditch this lame excuse of an RPG card system entirely.

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speaking English always helps the situation rather than some slack ghetto …maybe then someone might understand what the OP is trying to say.

Before this weekend I had COG Gear Level 17, Jack Level 12 and the rest of mine Level 5.

After this weekend… now all my characters are Level 15. :grinning: