Horde character rewards now "featured content"

So I was looking at class progression and realized that since them splitting characters and classes all the earnable bloodsprays and banners for each character are no longer there. Upon checking my customization menu it shows (on the ones I have already) that they are now featured content. So are these gonna be used as filler content for the featured store now?
Thoughts and opinions?


It’s fine. As long as they don’t try any more dumb stuff with the trophy skins, I doubt anyone would care.

Yeah just dumb they are taking something that was free with the grind and gonna be charging coins for it, especially when I was so close to getting most of them. But at the end of the day I dont use them and if they end up in the store I wont give a single coin for em

It’s that way with almost everything else.

Anything that says “essentials” will likely be in the store and it’ll stay there for the entire operation (like all the content that stuck around in op4) while anything that says “featured” will only be available for the week it’s in the store under the featured tab. Also, new is likely considered essentials as well.

Hope that helps!

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I cannot believe they brought back that expression in the store rolling the finger or something when that was only in the store in OP4.

So much for Dana saying get it now as it could be ages before it comes back to the store. “Yeah a whole week” UIR skins will be in the store next week i bet.

What i have noticed is and it feels like, this new concept of bringing back old content to the store is like another way or us not getting new stuff.

At least with the old store and the way it used to be we were guaranteed something new in the store every week.
Even the Thanksgiving stuff in the store. I got that ages and ages ago for free with the old system we had. You just had to play on that weekend or that day to get them. Rather than making new stuff for this occasion its like “F it just add last years content”

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I’ve had the game since launch lol I know how the store works, just talking about more free items that were currently available all the way up till op 5 just to be put for out for coin. I just wanted the bloodsprays

Yeah that was nice, now the only thing we have to look forward to especially to someone like myself that has practically everything In game at this point is the current op stuff, kinda lame, but hopefully we keep getting new maps going forward, as long as that happens I’ll be fine lol

No need to be rude… I was just trying to help. Also, how does havin the game since launch tell you how the store works? They just started the new system in op4, and a lot of ppl don’t realize what gets added to the weekly sale for coins and what goes away after a week.

Those people need to catch up quick less they miss something cool in the store, didnt mean to come off rude, was just saying cause they way you wrote you post,felt like you didnt understand gears is my life lol, all the way back from 06 to now. No disrespect, that’s why I added the lol bit I guess that slipped through, just not the new guy on the block or nothing

I care i match my skins with my charachters why did they remove them!

Character-decoupling. Dana said he would pass it on many times during the dev-streams by now but it’s Dana so don’t expect anything to come out of it.