Horde Character leveling


so last night play horde insane all 50 wave ugh. trying to level out some charters. I was using Fahz at level 16 and about 1/4 left to get to 17. after the wave i got almost no charter points to increase the level. why? even at matser frenzy or hord charter levels move very little.

how is every one already have paddock at 18 when i can not even get my 16 moved up?

do you have boost?

Hi Red,

yes i do i actully buy them in 100 day increments. it was wierd. I would have guess i hit 17 easy.

You should be getting double character xp. I got my Paduk up in no time thanks to boost

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If you’ve already gotten to level 16 then you’ve unlocked all of your skill cards and level 17 and 18 will have no direct impact on how powerful you become.
Now the main challenge (the one that boost just can’t help you with) is getting your cards up to level 6.

I thought there where some cards only at 18 unlocked.

17 & 18 are a banner and a spray in most cases.


cool than why people asking for LVL 18 in horder if all cards open at 16?

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In theory you will have earned more cards by the time that it takes to get to 18 but the reality of that varies since you’re 2x as fast with boost as you are without.
My Mac is still level 17 and most of his cards are level 5 or 6 because I leveled him without any boost. My Paduk is level 18 and most of his cards are level 3 and 4 - so the demands of a level 18 character are rooted in bad assumptions or wishful thinking.


They think that if you reach 18, you will have played enough to Max your cards.

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so really character level has nothing to do with strength its mostly skill cards lvels and slots unlocked to use them.

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I dont think its that.

I think its just that seeing someone at 18 you know they unlocked all the cards and probably have a reasonable level of the cards you play with

Just do escape with a consistent group inconceivable or master, stupid easy to level up :man_shrugging:t2:

Thanks I try that

Best map is the clock

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You see lots of different “requirements.” Specific characters, reups, or levels.

It’s all pretty arbitrary since there are more ways to win now.

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I see those as well. I just think people havent changed the lobby names in a long time. The only character that I constantly get kicked as is Kat. Everyone else I rarely get kicked lol

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"Getting kicked is my specialty! " -Kat

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All I need is 1500 character xp to get her to 18 and 99% of the time I cant even get 5 feet from the Fab before I get the boot :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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That sucks! Honestly I would be happy to have any engineer, just so I don’t have to build :sweat_smile:

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